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    Natural Anti-Aging and Anti-Gray Hair Products

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    The phrase 50 is the new 40 is being said more and more these days, which logically leads to mean that 60 is the new 50. The problem many women – and men – face, however, is how they are looking, from wrinkles and crow’s feet to gray hair. If you feel young, you should look young, and fortunately there are ways to help your hair reflect the youthfulness you feel on the inside.

    As you age, your hair loses melanin, causing it to lighten and eventually turn gray. In addition, there are some cases where your hair may become coarser than in your younger years. But fret not, as here are some great natural products and home remedies for restore your hair’s youthful beauty.

    A combination of curd and black pepper is not just for eating, not that it makes a very tasty recipe anyways. To help prevent dandruff, keep your hair silky and darken up those gray hairs, combine approximately 3.5 ounces of curd (add vinegar or lemon juice to milk and let it curdle then drain away the liquid) to 1 gram of black pepper to make a paste. Use this treatment once a week.

    Henna cream is a 100 percent natural dye that also conditions your hair, providing a natural reddish tint.  There are some henna creams that do come in brown or black as well.  Combine henna cream with water, black coffee or tea and walnut pulp for a slightly darker color. There are also many great henna products available for a variety of hair colors, including black, blonde, and red.

    When you’re making your morning cup of tea, make an additional pot of strong tea for your hair and let it cool.  Add in 2 teaspoons of salt, massage into your hair, cover with a shower cap to prevent dripping and leave set for approximately one hour.  This does need to be repeated once a week.

    In order to prevent gray hair, turn to amla, or Indian gooseberry.  You can mix amla powder with coconut oil for added moisturizing and apply to your hair and scalp as you would a deep conditioner, leaving in as long as possible prior to shampooing.  Finally, you can heat curry leaves in coconut oil then coll until just warm to the touch, massage into your scalp and leave for at least an hour.

    From hair vitamins to creams and even black pepper, you now have an arsenal of natural products to keep your skin looking and feeling younger and your hair from developing those pesky gray hairs – or at least a way of covering them up. There’s no reason that even if you are 60 but feel 50 you need to look any older than 40!


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