Donald Trump and the dementia question:

no dementia hereCoupling Mr. Trump and dementia in the same title-why? This article is not meant to be political, influence anyone politically, or be insulting to who will likely be our Republican nominee.

It is meant to be an instructional treatise on dementia with the emphasis on Alzheimer’s-the most common form of dementia and the form that worries all Americans.


It is meant to (hopefully) put to rest the sniping I read in the media and in newspaper comments about the possibility of Mr. Trump having early Alzheimer’s. It is also meant,while you’re here- to be instructional to YOU, my readers, members and blog followers.

If you encounter a non A4M doc and are told you have dementia, you are given a choice of pharmaceuticals which “really don’t do much” or a death sentence….a slow one.

  • You are not counselled about diet, exercise, vitamins, supplements, hormones, and other things.
  • So, because we ALL lose some cognitive skills as we age, perhaps this will get you thinking that it isn’t inevitable…because it isn’t.
  • There are some of us in the medical profession who are fascinated with maintaining and even restoring brain function.
  • I am one of those rare A4M boarded doctors who is indeed facinated and actually LIKE getting patients with mild cognitive impairment because I CAN cure it!

Let me give you some disclaimers about Mr.Trump before we get started:

I also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania-albeit after he did.


  • During my tenure as the NBC medical correspondant I worked out of Channel 5-WPTV in West Palm Beach.
  • Yes, I met Mr. Trump there,likely when he was visiting the G.M.- Bill Brooks.
  • Yes, he was handsome and charming, no doubt about it.
  • Lastly, he and Marla used to rent my condo at the Peaks in Telluride,Colorado…when he was there it was called the Doral Telluride-it was condo #610 so if by any chance Mr.Trump reads this, he’ll remember.
  • And I will tell you he and Marla were “model tenants” and always wrote something lovely in the guest book.


I keep my political views to myself so will not be commenting on who I will or will not support. I will say that if Mr. Trump wants a super medical tune up it would be my pleasure. If he wins the presidency I definitely want him to be in the peak of heath and mental functioning so in this regard I’m simply being a patriotic American. I hope you all will enjoy and learn from this article.

Mild cognitive impairment – the typical first sign of impaired brain health or early dementia:

Mild cognitive impairment is a notable change in thinking skills that’s limited, typically, to a narrow set of problems, such as impairment only in memory. Changes in concentration, attention or mental quickness may also be a part of MCI.

Mild cognitive impairment generally doesn’t prevent a person from carrying out everyday tasks and being socially engaged. “MCI” can present with mood or judgement “issues.” Researchers  are still learning about mild cognitive impairment. Researchers are also in the midst of deciding if short term memory loss is actually early Alzheimer’s.

For many, the condition eventually progresses to Alzheimer’s disease or another disorder causing dementia. Other people experience little progression in memory loss, and they don’t develop the whole spectrum of symptoms associated with dementia.

In Mr. Trump’s case, having a “senior moment” once in a while is typical for someone who is getting only 4 hours sleep (not enough!), and on a stressful path in life (he is handling it well but it IS stressful).

A “senior moment” can be anything from walking into a room and not recalling why you went in there, to misplacing car keys to forgetting a name. I don’t think Mr. Trump forgot who David Duke was-I think he was caught off guard.

If he did indeed momentarily forget he was not given a chance to step it back so I’m not going to make a case for dementia on this one,OK? Maybe it was “political”- I don’t know-I just think we cannot make a case for dementia on this one.

Now about the 7-11 instead of 9-11 comments: Come on people, being a seasoned performer isn’t the same as being a seasoned “watch every word” politician.

  • When someone with even the most brilliant of an over-65 brain misspeaks,they can repeat themselves.
  • If you think of how many words this man has spoken,agree with him or NOT, you will note that these are what are singled out as his TWO memory slips.
  • We give everyone a pass when they hit “a certain age” and if he were my patient and on the “brain routine” my patients get I would not be giving him a memory pass on this.
  • But I can spot when someone uses only conventional medicine, isn’t eating an anti-inflammatory diet and isn’t working out as much as they should and this ALONE accounts for the so-called “memory slips.”

And the sleep, no matter what he says…is just plain not enough. Many highly successful people don’t get enough sleep and need help falling asleep and getting back to sleep with a wake-up for a “pee break.”

Memory Loss and Actual Dementia

The word “dementia” is an umbrella term used to describe a set of symptoms. These symptoms include impairment in memory, reasoning, judgment, language and other thinking skills. Dementia begins gradually in most cases and then worsens over time.

If it is more than mild cognitive impairment (meaning the dreaded Alzheimer’s) it can significantly impair a person’s abilities in work and all social interactions. Often, memory loss is one of the first or more-recognizable signs of dementia. Other early signs may include:

  • Asking the same questions repeatedly-This is a NO for Mr.Trump…other than the typical political repetition “they all do.”
  • Mixing words up — saying “bed” instead of “table,” for example-NO once again.
  • Becoming less able to follow directions-again I would think we’d agree this is NO.
  • Forgetting common words when speaking-another NO.
  • Taking longer to complete familiar tasks. We certainly would hear if this were true-so it’s another NO.
  • Getting lost while walking or driving around a familiar neighborhood-you BET we’d hear about this one.NO.
  • Misplacing items in inappropriate places, such as putting a wallet in a kitchen drawer-I am listing this because it’s on all early dementia lists but I personally think this is a question of “focus.” Don’t tell me you were never so engaged in thought that you didn’t do this. Or condition your hair 3 times. And again, if this were a common occurrence for Mr. Trump, you BET we would have heard. So it also gets a NO.

So I think we can put the MEMORY part of early dementia to rest where Mr. Trump is concerned…don’t you?  Now if YOU have read these things and think OOPS this is me then just be in touch with me and I’ll tell you how to normalize it all. But first read the rest of this article/blog.

  • Memory impairment isn’t always the first sign of dementia and this is likely where the sniping originates where Mr. Trump is concerned.

Often judgement and or mood is the first sign of dementia-something not typically thought of by most people.

  • I know I mentioned this when speaking of MCI but it’s more common with early “real” dementia.
  • So let’s discuss mood first. Anyone who thinks Mr. Trump isn’t having a ball with this whole running for President thing and has dementia related depression doesn’t know how to read moods.
  • There is no outward sign of anxiety either.
  • Again, running for office is stressful but so is negotiating multi-billion dollar deals and so on.
  • I personally “see” that this is a man who handles stress well.

Now JUDGEMENT…aha…you there who want me to call Mr. Trump out on what is often the FIRST sign of dementia-judgement. This is a hard one. If you don’t analyze it “in context”, that is.

  • I personally believe (as do many political writers and yes I follow politics quite closely) that Mr. Trump is a political genius.
  • On par with Bill Clinton. If a multi-billionaire businessman can manage to “read people” and make deals, read an “audience” and have a best selling TV show-formula then by definition he is quite intuitive,right?
  • I don’t know if it’s chicken or egg, but somehow this man got his finger on the pulse of what is really bugging middle America.
  • Interestingly enough, so did Bernie Sanders.
  • Now here is what is interesting from a political standpoint.

You have a 70+ Senator telling everyone he’s going to give them free “everything” and tax everyone, with estimates he’ll add 13 TRILLION dollars to the debt. You also have him talking about breaking up the banks-some of the largest and most powerful (yes overly powerful) companies on the planet. How? No one knows.

You also hear him saying he’ll sock it to Wall Street. Really,how?

No one is questioning his “talking points” as poor judgement or “irrational” that I have read. Impractical, not plausible is the harshest language…perhaps because Bernie wins in the humble, likability arena.


But take Mr. Trump, the consummate politician,reading the “masses” who DO believe that illegal immigrants are why they make less money. How do you then keep out illegal immigrants?

Rather than (GOOD GRIEF!) shooting people at the border….when you think about it, a wall isn’t a bad idea. Now, tunnels under that wall? Yep,there has to be vigilance about that.

I’m sure that will be addressed. But the actual CONCEPT of a wall isn’t entirely “goofy” or irrational.

It is BOASTFUL to say Mexico will pay for it “because I said so.” It is ATTENTION-GETTING (hey this guy knows how to get on any political show he WANTS!) and I personally believe that “attention” is the whole idea of the “over-the-top” promises.

  • Then take the “ban all Muslims” statement. Again-it sure got your attention,right?
  • Now, if you take what Mr. Trump said he DID SAY “until we get a handle on what is going on”…..that “these people have no backgrounds,etc” -THAT was TRUE!
  • It was not P.C. but it was true. What he SHOULD have said was that he was NOT anti-Muslim first…and he should have made that clear.
  • He then should have said that we should use countries we TRUST to vet the Muslim population immigration…..Jordan, for example…. to better illustrate what he meant.
  • So these two over-the-top political attention grabbing points of view don’t show a lack of judgement if you are analyzing the political capital it has brought this candidate.

needs help falling asleepThe ONE thing that DOES show a lack of judgement,IMHO is making comments about protesters with insinuations about wanting to see someone beat up. But guess what?

He isn’t doing that anymore. I recall the “inflammatory comment”  or was it comments-don’t recall exactly-(perfect example of someone with high intellect not QUITE recalling a fact)-but it was ONE rally,right?


But when it’s  then repeated and repeated by the media and his opponents it gives the illusion that these comments are ongoing. If this were an ingrained judgemental error then we’d be hearing comments like this over and over which we’re not,right?

Now let’s pay some attention to you, my readers. I’ll get back to a final analysis on Mr. Trump at the end…promise! (And I’ll comment/conjecture about other health “things” to keep it interesting).

Reversible causes of dementia:

Medications, Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Alcoholism, Depression or other mental health disorders, Minor head trauma or injury or a brain tumor…..and a bit about this last one…..


if you are hypothyroid you need to learn how to regain energy you have lostLow thyroid hormone levels can be confused with dementia. Sometimes dementia is the diagnosis due to improper testing. For some reason, “regular doctors” and even some Endocrinologists “get this wrong”.

There are many undiagnosed cases of low or hypothyroidism “out there.” It it definitely a more common diagnosis if you are a woman.

If you feel chilly, have trouble losing weight, have noticed that the outer 1/3 of your eyebrows are thinning or missing you probably are hypothyroid. If you think you are, take your first A.M. temperature in the morning for a week. If it’s below 97.3 then chances are that, no matter WHAT your tests show, you ARE hypothyroid.

Here are the RIGHT tests-copy them down to take to your doctor:

Free T3, Free T4, reverse T3 (to check for binding site plugging) and anti-thyroid antibodies called TPO antibodies.


When to see your doctor

If you or your family is concerned about your memory loss, see your doctor.

She can conduct tests to judge the degree of memory impairment. She can also check for reversible causes.

You will benefit by having a family member or friend along to answer some questions based on his or her observations.

 What if you are told you have early Alzheimer’s Dementia?

this researcher is finding out what are cytokinesThere is a lot of controversy in the “regular medical world” which insists that you just plain cannot prevent Alzheimer’s. They also insist you cannot cure MCI (which I have done repeatedly in my practice).



They also insist that there is no evidence that anything but pharmaceuticals slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s dementia. I personally know this to be false. In fact,the entire Anti-aging medical community disagrees and presents data to prove otherwise.

  • Everything I am about to discuss has concrete scientific evidence behind it, unless I tell you that “IT” is still controversial, etc.
  • We all know that eating healthfully,exercising, and other good brain health habits are effective dementia -preventing practices.
  • The other things-well, we’ll see what we’ll see.
  • The preponderance of evidence, even in “traditional medical literature” does indeed acknowledge that there are certain foods to improve brain health, as well as vitamins and supplements which do many things to amp up your brain.
  • Even fasting is thought to be beneficial, if done correctly.


Lifestyle changes which prevent dementia or slow it’s progression:


Fix Oxidative stress:

The fewer anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies you consume, the worse off you are!

  • You are also worse off if: you fly a lot, are in the sun a lot, live in “a city,” (and exposed to pollution). Eating processed foods also adds to the problem as does smoking and being overweight or obese.
  • TO fix this you need to increase your daily fruits and veggies to 15 servings/day OR ‘”juice” OR use the AWS reds/greens.


Fix inflammation:


  • Chronic inflammation is what I mean, which is something we usually just “don’t feel” until an inflammatory disease “gets us”.
  • It’s not hard to reduce your own body’s inflammation, you just need to eat anti- inflammatory foods, normalize your weight and take supplements if needed.
  • MOST people need curcumin and fish oil even if they do everything perfectly. If you have inflammation,you have BRAIN inflammation which kills brain cells.
  • Based on the campaign “shots” we see I would say Mr. Trump has untreated inflammation.
  • He likely has oxidative stress too unless he is taking fabulous supplements.

Fix Glycation:

  • This is when your blood sugar in the morning (fasting) is higher than about 85. Perhaps even as low as 80-the research keeps your  evolving on what the exact number is. This doesn’t mean you have or will have diabetes.
  • This just means what we call glycation which makes ALL cells, including BRAIN CELLS stiffer and less responsive.
  • We DO know for sure that when someone has fasting blood sugars over 100 that there is an enormously increased risk of Alzheimer’s dementia.

There are a host of specific foods for brain health and dementia prevention:

Details of this and everything else in this article is in the link just highlighted in the title above.

Here are the brain-foods:

Blueberries / berries, Flax seeds,Pomegranate, Sesame seeds, Sweet potatoes, Red wine / grapes,Oil-based salad dressings, Avocado,High Omega-3 Fish, Dark chocolate, Beans / legumes,Freshly brewed green tea or green tea (EGCG) supplements, Dark green leafy vegetables ,Lentils,Walnuts / almonds…there’s a great start for you!

Make sure you have enough known dementia preventing vitamins and minerals:

Natural (NOT SYNTHETIC!)  Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folic acid (B9)-folate, Vitamins B6 and B12,and a mineral 80% of us are deficient in with only ONE FORM being able to pass the blood brain barrier I doubt you’ll find anywhere else but here-magnesium threonate. Very very important and most is intra-cellular so it’s quite hard to test for deficiency.

 Avoid foods associated with dementia-additives too:

  • For details on specific foods please refer to the article referenced above the blueberries but suffice it to say that all of the “bad, inflammatory foods” are on the list.
  • Please note that you may not be aware of dietary additives which are incredibly toxic to the brain.
  • You also may not be aware where to find them so please DO go back and read the full article OR just go to the home page and get yourself a copy of my FREE  brain book-you’ll enjoy it!

Let me tell you the TOP TOXINS:

MSG and it’s “everywhere”-read labels.

All artificial sweeteners other than stevia. And don’t forget diacetyl (found in microwave popcorn and movie popcorn), aluminum (pans) and fluoride (your drinking water)…message-you MUST filter your water.

 Make sure you exercise daily!

This is crucial and even all doctors agree on this one!

 Stress is linked to dementia:

Current research has shown that there is likely a link between stress and the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers from Argentina recently presented evidence suggesting that strstress may be a trigger for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the  lead author of the study, Dr. Edgardo Reich:“Stress, according to our findings, is probably a trigger for initial symptoms of dementia.”

Although not entirely conclusive, there have actually now been several studies with similar findings.

It is quite explainable, actually. The immune system is largely in charge of brain health. When we cause immune system depression with cortisol elevation due to stress, we diminish brain protection.

When we decrease brain protection we lose brain cells. Loss of brain cells leads to loss of function. Makes sense,right?

Related to stress…..we have chronic anxiety and depression-these need to be treated for optimal brain function and dementia prevention.

Numerous studies have shown that “consolidation and storage” of memory requires happy brain chemicals and those with chronic depression are much more likely to develop dementia.

Your GI tract is increasingly thought of as (don’t laugh!) your second brain:

The quality, quantity, and composition of the bacteria in your GI tract does indeed influence the function of our brains.

GI tract bacteria help maintain the integrity of your gut lining. Many of the factors that affect permeability of the blood-brain barrier are similar to those that affect the GI tract. This is WHY “leaky gut” can lead to neurological diseases.

So now let me give you the three step treatment for this dementia-preventing GI tune-up:

If you do not have perfect GI  tract function you need the three steps:

  1. Detox sprays
  2. Prebiotics to clear out the toxic bacteria so probiotics can work
  3. GOOD refrigerated probiotics

If your GI tract is indeed functioning without any symptoms you can skip right to the prebiotic-probiotic combo.

Supplements to prevent dementia, cure MCI and might slow Alzheimer’s dementia:

This is an extensive topic.

  • I have this covered very very thoroughly in my FREE brain book and also in the article referenced above.
  • Let me tell you that we all lose 3-5 IQ points per decade after age 30 unless we do everything on this list above plus take the right supplements.
  • Supplements are divided into categories from stimulating neural brain stem cells to helping form new neural connections to preventing neuronal loss,speeding up thoughts and more.

I’ll throw in here that curcumin, GPC, resveratrol (no you can’t get enough by drinking wine), and acetyl-l-carnitine are absolute musts. All are in our memory loss prevention health kit.

Again, please find the rest and keep your brain safe from dementia,or reverse MCI, or slow down diagnosed Alzheimer’s and who knows, there is no research, you might even reverse early Alzheimer’s dementia- I AM NOT CLAIMING THIS I’M JUST HOPEFUL that it’s possible.
Now one last word about Mr. Trump. I hope you have followed along with my logic and despite your political leanings you recognize he is a politician, not someone suffering from dementia.

  • The good news is, he can get them back.
  • If we elect anyone over (in MY opinion) 50, we all should want them to be on an optimal brain health program.
  • That includes all of you.


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