probioticsProbiotics for anxiety,depression,weight control, immune and brain health and  GI health!

You have no idea of all the things probiotics can do! Here is the low-down!


  • Your GI tract flora (bacteria) is called your “microbiome: We KNOW disturbances can promote neurological diseases.
  • WE know imbalances over a lifetime lead to many neurological issues,the least of which is not Alzheimer’s!
  • We also know  that it will impair your ability to lose weight big time. We know it has a huge impact on your immune system and that you can  boost your immune system by just “balancing” your microbiome.
  • What causes an “unbalanced microbiome?” Many things such as toxins in our foods and water but very commonly medications.
  • Antiobiotics are a big culprit and so are non steriodal anti-inflammatory pain medications.
  • However eating an unhealthy diet as opposed to a healthy one sets you up way too nicely even without the drugs. More about how that works in a moment. When we talk about disturbing or up-ending the microbiome what does that mean, really?


vitamins that give you energy

It means that you have replaced your previously good, healthy GI tract bacteria with pathoogenic and toxic bacteria that not only does you no good,it can do you harm. It can cause “leaky gut syndrome” which leads to an assortment of GI tract symptoms such as diarrhea or constipation, bloating or even no symptoms in the GI tract. Symptoms can pop up as allergies,especially to foods, and even rashes. It is curable by “fixing the microbiome.”


NOW we also know  it can also have a powerful impact on your general mood. Depression is increasingly starting to be viewed as a symptom of poor gut health in circles of research about the real root causes of depression….and possibly anxiety as well!

  • One way of treating depression without drugs is always to add probiotics to the mix. But that’s not all.
  • In this article I’ll discuss how probiotics positively impact immune health, GI tract health, brain health and ability to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Now remember, you always must look for a GMP and non-GMO sticker and don’t purchase non-refrigerated, non-pharmaceutical grade probiotics or you will just plain not get the health benefits and as you will see there are many.
  • Let’s start with discussing weight, the most intriguing subject. Why? Because I bet you never heard of this and it might be you ticket to successful  weight loss.

unexplained weight gain

If you have been trying and trying to lose weight and are hitting a wall might it be this?

Ghrelin and Leptin-The Hunger hormones get all out of whack!

Ghrelin and leptin are called the two ‘hunger hormones’. They are found  in the mucous membranes of your stomach.If you have a normal microbiome here is what happens after a meal:

Levels of ghrelin should  fall after a meal. This drop in ghrelin signals your brain that you’re full.

So- you then stop eating of course.The way your body stores fat is a highly regulated process that is controlled, mainly, by leptin.

If you gain extra weight, the additional fat you have put on makes extra leptin that should alert your brain that your body is storing too much fat.

But the culprits with the leptin story you may not realize is your GI microbiome (bacterial environment) plus what’s in your diet.

bcaa weight loss needed

You can become what is called leptin resistant via other mechanisms which speed up  the “bad microbiome” and along the way you gain weight.

You  easily become leptin-resistant by eating a diet full of sugar (particularly fructose), refined grains and processed foods.

All of this inflammatory eating rather than eating properly will upset the balance of bacteria in your G.I. tract.

Sugar feeds pathogenic yeast and fungi, and processed foods tend to have a very detrimental effect on beneficial bacteria.

In fact, they actually create the perfect environment for health-harming bacteria  to thrive.

To do this, signals are sent to your brain to stop being hungry and to stop eating.

If you “trash your microbiome” and your GI tract flora is replaced by the typical toxic E.Coli here is what happens physiologically:

  • 20 percent increase in leptin levels (leptin is produced by fatty tissue).
  • 6-times increase in the release of ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) after a meal.
  • Your brain and GI tract signals get disconnected and you just keep eating and storing fat!
  • Weight gain-that was a no-brainer wasn’t it?



When you have an increase in ghrelin after a meal, your GI tract tells your brain to continue eating, which will tend to lead  overeating and therefore  -of course-poundage.

When you become leptin-resistant, your body can no longer hear the messages your GI tract is sending to your brain so your body continues to remains hungry and it then stores more fat.

By taking the normal healthy bacteria lining your G.I. tract and wiping them out, to then be replaced by toxic bacteria (often E.Coli) you will affect these two hunger hormones. Not only THAT but it has been recently shown that the toxic bacteria slows metabolism.

  • So there is your triple play, you keep eating when you’re full, you keep storing fat, and your metabolism goes down.
  • You really need probiotics don’t you???
  • Yes indeed you do but don’t think that your GI tract will accept “just” probiotics without a pre-treatment and don’t think your GI tract will accept just any probiotics, either.
  • We will get to the treatment at the end and I have a special treat-I’ll give you the webinar for the GI tract module so you’ll know just exactly what to do without my help.

Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression may be rooted in the gut of all places!

Previous clinical trials have shown that probiotics can help ease both anxiety and depression. One well done study found that the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus had a marked “upping” effect on GABA levels. GABA is an anxiety reducing brain chemical..  The only way to increase it otherwise is with toxic addictive drugs. Or you can take  natural  Pharma GABA supplements. (Note that these need to be chewed and put under your tongue for absorption and that oral forms do not get through the blood brain barrier).

In another study, people who took a multi-strain probiotic for at least four weeks reported a lessening of “rumination”.  Rumination is persistent/recurrent  thoughts about something distressing. Many recent studies how  found that high-glycemic foods (including those high in refined grains and added sugar) were associated with higher occurrences of  depression. Now I have talked to you about how an inflammatory diet can for sure worsen depression. And there is a lot of proof about this,actually. SO if you want to improve mood and health you really need to clean up your diet.

From the NY Times-this is so “mainstream” now!: 

“Anxiety, depression………. linked with gastrointestinal abnormalities……. [L]ast September, the National Institute of Mental Health awarded four grants worth up to $1 million each to spur new research on the gut microbiome’s role in mental disorders, affirming the legitimacy of a field that had long struggled to attract serious scientific credibility.”

NOW do you believe me? Next let’s talk about your immune system……..all about how to tighten skin

I have written many articles about boosting your immune system and you can easily find them in this blog.

You need to eat a healthy diet, get rid of oxidative stress and inflammation and clear up your GI tract with, amongst other things, those magic probiotics.

Doing these things will increase your resistance to colds and flus and even decrease your chances of cancer. Little known fact but cancer is considered a disease mediated by immune dysfunction.

What about brain health?

Thought you’d never ask. This is the one that is so cool! Who would have “thunk” that your GI tract is actually in charge of your brain-sounds like a punch line to a joke, doesn’t it?humor is one of the things that give you energy

  • Research proves: gut microbes specializing in fermenting soluble fiber.
  • This is the type of  fiber found in  apples or fiber supplements. This plays an important role in preventing leaky gut — a condition I discussed at the outset of this article.
  • What I didn’t mention is that if your GI tract has has a “bad microbiome” long enough- toxins can migrate from your GI tract into your blood stream.
  • That leakage is what causes the issues such as allergies, rashes and more. Involved in all of this is inflammation-something you just plain don’t want to have.
  • With a bad microbiome, the inflammatory response actually starts in your GI tract and then travels to your brain.
  • Brain inflammation then occurs. Of course we need to clean up the microbiome with the right probiotics and more but for your brain’s sake and the sake of the health of your body we need to quiet down the inflammation caused by the leaky gut.

 To reduce inflammation in the body,the GI tract and the brain:foods that give you energy

1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Want a free instant copy of the anti-inflammatory diet plan? There you go!


2. Eat enough fiber (30 gms per day)/or take one of our pharmaceutical grade supplements.


3. Eat raw foods as much as possible.


4. Eat fermented foods to “help” your GI tract microbiome . This is one instance I would recommend kefir but  it is NOT an adequate supply of probiotics. Fermented veggies are good if they are not “processed.”

 metabolism boosting foodsAvoid :         

Sugar, fruit juice,soda, processed foods, fast foods……refined unsprouted grains, cooking in olive oil, too much meat.(Food must be organic and non-GMO).

Having a blood sugar that is too high (not diabetes,just glycation or glucose intolerant).

This needs to be dealt with in most adults and of course all of the nuances of eating correctly is another huge huge factor.

You will likely need a dietary “overhaul” to a more natural, whole foods regimen. Bettering your brain’s protection via your GI tract is really via your GI tract which boosts your immune system which then protects your brain.

“HOT things” such as  any spicy peppers are all immune boosting. This includes  spices such as chili powder, red pepper flakes, wasabi, cayenne pepper,horseradish and ginger which is spicy. Think sushi bar..and by the way these are also great foods that give you energy and double as metabolism boosting foods too!

Finally we now get to your GI tract and why it requires good, regular probiotics

OK-you know about leaky gut and how that can wreak havoc on your health and brain,right? You also know that an improper microbiome will cause eventual GI tract disturbances and this means leaky gut where you literally have a gut that leaks toxins into your bloodstream. YUK!  So now let’s make you have a GI tract that not only functions well for you but to make it function well for the rest of your body. Here’s the routine and it’s actually quite easy!

Here’s the easy  the three step treatment for it all and note that it is not JUST probiotics

sprayed supplements for energy

 What to do to get your GI tract in top shape to help your immune system,mood,weight and brain health:

FIRST, clear the toxic bacteria and yeast with this amazing full-not just GI- detox system

You will use the “silver spray” to do a lot of the work before the prebiotics are used (step 2) to kill the “pathogens” which are making your microbiome dysfunctional.

This is  10 quick under-the-tongue sprays, 2x daily. You’ll next use the zeolite spray for heavy metals and other toxins.


All sort of toxins actually amp up the “bad bacteria” and when you locate this product you can read the science. Anyway, this is another 10 sprays. You do this 2x a day. It takes all of 60 seconds.

 SECOND, you now need to set up the right friendly environment where good bacteria can take over the bad bacteria:

  • Often, people take probiotics which can never “set up shop” without the prebiotics given FIRST. In other words,the environment is not friendly and the probiotics won’t work.
  • The prebiotics  are actually phages coming in to continue to knock out the toxic bacteria while the probiotics are “nesting.”
  • Our favorite Prebiotic is one that tastes so YUMMY, doesn’t cause a bit of tummy upset, and is a tasty sweet daily treat you can eat without “cheating”!
  • It is 140 cals , stevia sweetened, made paleo (low heat) and tastes like a MOUNDS bar! (But we also have capsules-just look in the GI store).

THIRD, is the use of proper probiotics:

This means: refrigerated, and with enough different “good” bacterial strains and the very best meaning #1 which you cannot purchase other than through a doctor is our very popular Mibiotic Supreme with the corrent type and number of organisms to heal everyting that needs healing.


You’ll use one bar and the probiotic daily for two months. You’ll use the detox for two months.

Then you are in the clear if you have zero symptoms which should be the case by this time.

Then, after 2 months of this,if you have no GI tract symptoms, you can switch to the combo pre-probiotic capsule.

You’ll use it 3x/day for 2 weeks then 2x/day for 2 weeks then maintenance for most is just once daily.

If you have had leaky gut, you will need 2-3x/daily. And then some glutamine  capsules to heal your GI tract lining.

digestive tractAll of these products are found in the GI section of the store.

And they are all 15% off in our special digestive tract health kit. In addition, you receive a 10% LIFETIME discount. And an optional FREE consult with me. And more.

And now,something usually limited to AWS annual consultation members:

I am giving you my 15 min webinar on how to do this right here! FREE!!! Just watch and you’ll know exactly what you need to do!


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