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optimize your gi tract to lose weightYou need to “optimize” GI tract function to lose weight effectively.

If you have taken any medication- ever: you have toxic bacteria in your lower GI tract which interferes with weight loss. “Good bacteria” in your GI tract speeds up your metabolism and allows for weight loss to occur properly. There is a lot of information on weight loss right here in this website for you to read and then get a great instant PDF-free gift of my best selling digital book!

I’ll give you all of the instructions on what your GI tract needs when I’ve finished this short “list.” If you are trying to lose weight and just clicked on GI information but got this you are in luck! Here’s some motivation to lose weight just for fun! Just go read the articles above when you are done taking care of your “GI tract issue” and you will learn the foods to eat to lose weight, ways to speed up metabolism and more!

Your Immune Function and Your Brain:

foods that have fiberFiber is found in many food substances, like apples. This fiber, along with the right balance of healthy bacteria, plays a large role in preventing toxins to migrate from your gut into your blood stream, also known to a few as “leaky gut.”

This inflammatory response actually starts in your gut and then travels to your brain, causing brain inflammation. But along the way of course there are symptoms such as Irritable bowel type symptoms, allergies, food intolerances, rashes and so forth. It is becoming more and more prevalent but luckily is indeed reversible. You can catch it LONG before it becomes a brain issue.

Reduce Inflammation in the Body, GI Tract and the Brain:

fiber bars

  1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet (found in the weight loss free digital book reference above.)
  2. Eat enough fiber (30 grams per day) or take one of our pharmaceutical grade supplements. (This one tastes like a sugar free chocolate mint girl scout cookie!) 
  3. Eat raw foods as much as possible.
  4. Eat fermented foods to “help” your GI tract microbiome. This is one instance I would recommend kefir but recall it is NOT adequate for probiotics. Fermented veggies are good too if not “processed” and “preserved”. Always check your labels!

Avoid: Sugar, processed foods, fast foods and starchy foods.

Your GI Tract is Thought of as (Don’t Laugh!) Your Second Brain

gi tract and your brainAll types of bacteria in your GI tract can influence brain functioning. There is an increasing amount of studies that show how autistic children have different GI tract microbiomes than children who are not autistic. In contrast, GI tract bacteria helps maintain the integrity of your gut lining, which affect the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. This is the main reason why a leaky gut can increase your chance of a neurological disease.

Three Steps to Get Your GI Tract in Top Shape:

how to detox your bodycocochocommune barvitamins for energy

  1. FIRST, you need to clear any toxic bacteria and yeast (candida) with a detox system. If you are member, this is found in Module 6. If you are not, you can find this information under “Products by condition” and selecting “detox”.
  2. SECOND, become healthy so good bacteria will override bad bacteria. Take prebiotics first before probiotics to knock out any bad bacteria. Our very favorite prebiotic tastes like a mounds bar without the chemicals or calories!
  3. THIRD, it is time for a good probiotic that is refrigerated. You can find the best ones under the same page as prebiotics.

After completing this regimen for two months, you should have erased any GI tract symptoms. When this happens, you can now switch to the combo of pre and probiotic capsule.

Please DO note that this article doesn’t cover things like chronic constipation, Irritable bowel disorder or chronic diarrhea. Why? For most people just doing the three steps of detox then prebiotics than probiotics not only help these but every single GI ailment out there. If not all resolved there are more “tricks” but those need to be individualized through my program.

Best wishes to all,
Dr. Kim

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