Introduction to Total Anti-Aging Skin Care

The Anti Aging Skincare Basics You Should Know

  • Inside fixes that reflect anti aging skincare effects on the outside.
  • Best products and procedures to stay looking young.
  • Best skincare regimen and ingredients.

Introduction to Anti Aging Skincare

Are you starting to peer a little more closely in the mirror, finding new fine lines seemingly daily? Or are you well past that point, trying wrinkle lotions and potions galore, having not-so-great results? If you are randomly trying products, you are doing a hit and miss approach to what should be real anti aging skincare. You know when you are using great products because you don’t have drawers full of partially used serums and creams. You look in the mirror and see a difference, and the difference is not just noticeable to you. Why? Because serious anti aging skincare actually gives you seriously good results. anti aging skincare

I’m going to discuss a must-have combo in your anti aging skincare arsenal. It’s something you may have heard of but haven’t tried yet – a stem cell/growth factors skincare system. I am always searching for the best way to make skin look younger. We see adult (mesenchymal) stem cell products which work decently well for pigmentation and fine lines. In fact, I used to carry a product called AnteAge MD but switched when I saw a head to head comparison with Lifeline ProPlus+ products – just no comparison.

Now we have a parthenogenetic (younger, more potent but non-fetal) stem cell line which just blows all the competition away. Not only does it address pigment and redness but fine lines, wrinkles, firmness, skin texture and sagging skin too. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. I’ll get back to this in just a moment.

Back to the Basics

Let’s get back to the basics which are likely pretty familiar to you. For instance, did you know there is a big difference between hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate? You definitely should know this important anti aging skincare secret! You are most likely using a hyaluronic-vitamin C product that is not particularly effective. RossIf you are like most boomers, you are fighting the aging process, and that includes your appearance. Nothing screams OLD like wrinkled, dull skin. That diminishes our self-esteem and often makes us feel old. It’s time for you to learn about anti aging skincare for real.

This article will quickly get you on the path to rejuvenated skin and give you a fresh outlook on life. Most people see so much conflicting advertising that they just can’t tell good from not so good – I’m here to guide you. This article coupled with the article below is very comprehensive. You can get both your home and Esthetic Dermatology regimen off to a good start! When I say anti aging skincare, I’m not talking about your grandmother’s skincare here! On this website, I reveal my tricks on how to look far younger than your chronological age.

How to Look 45 – When You’re 60

cindy takes metabolism boosting supplementsToday women and men have access to many more choices than ever before for taking years off their appearance. But, guess what? If you do it right, NO cosmetic surgery is needed. Esthetic Dermatology tricks, yes – but plastic surgery, rarely. I cover all of the when-you-should-have-what in other articles, so you have tons of reading material here. In fact, this is the only website you need to have your questions answered. You now have a choice on exactly how you will age! I’m talking physically and mentally (meaning your health), and your appearance. My motto is 60 is the new 30. I believe it fully. More than 75 million baby boomers entering middle age over the next decade not only request this, they demand this. Do you? I sure do.

First and foremost you need to do the inside-out skincare because despite what you think, THAT is what will de-age you the best AND be good for your skin. It’s not enough just to use the hottest skincare products. The woman you see pictured above is a good friend and patient, who came to me with multiple medical issues and was beautiful, but looking considerably older than her years. I’ve cleaned up the insides – ALWAYS FIRST – and she is on the regimen you are about to hear about. She was using an anti aging serum for her under eye area, another anti aging serum for her face, and yet another for her neck and hands. Guess what? They were all pretty worthless! It’s all about the ingredients. She is 60, with no facial surgeries, and only uses the best anti aging skin care products and regimen which I am now sharing with you.

The hurdle most people face in taking full advantage of the many new age-erasing skincare products and treatments is the lack of information. That is why you have me! In this article, I will discuss the most asked questions about finding the best anti aging skincare products. I assume you have read about all the things you need to do for inside-out skincare and if not just go to the top bar, find Information A-Z and click on A for anti aging skin care. In fact, while you’re at it, why not be the youngest looking person at your class reunion? Let’s talk about your regimen next, with reminders of the real no-no’s first.

Don’t Smoke – Tobacco Wrecks Your Skin

Ever heard of smoker’s face? This term, which is actually in the official medical dictionary, describes the telltale characteristics that make smokers look older than they really are: gray skin, gauntness, wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and deep lines on the cheeks. Smoking causes the blood vessels in the top layers of the skin to constrict, reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood and causing a sickly pallor. Your appearance is just one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t smoke. I can help you quit if you need help.

Do NOT Sun

No sun, no tanning booths, nada. Get a vegetable spray tan if you want to look tan and don’t wreck your skin!

What is the Best Anti Aging Serum?

Serums are the hottest (good) trend in anti aging skincare. If you are layering your ingredients, at least for your nighttime skin replenishment treatment, one or two serums are first. These first layer serums are truly miraculous with their array of ingredients which do everything from shrinking pores, stimulating collagen (the skin’s main building block), and protecting you from free radical damage. Some of the effective ingredients in this first layer of what I recommend for skincare are varied. Your skin type does indeed come into play as does your environment. As a Floridian with oily skin, I need a light serum with good ingredients. If you live in the Northeast and suffer the effects of indoor heating, cold winters, and have moderate to dry skin, you’ll perhaps need a different first serum. However, we both need an anti-inflammatory stem cell cytokine/growth factor serum. I’ll explain as we go along.

The antioxidants and other amazing first-line ingredients in these first and second layer anti aging serums most shown to repair damage and slow the aging process include:

These are all ingredients with the most positive research thus far. The most recent, best ingredients are the anti-inflammatory stem cell cytokines/growth factors which are a pretty mandatory addition to a skincare regimen if you are 30 or older due to their mechanism of action (more to follow). Please file that the stem cell/growth factor serums (Lifeline ProPlus+) are by far the most effective serums. Now, back to the supporting but important players.

  • C-Hyaluronic – find a good (but not too high of a percentage of vitamin C or you’ll get “C-burns” – 20% is too high for facial skin) C-hyaluronic and use it once or twice daily in the order listed below in the anti aging skincare regimen. I’ll go into that in just a moment.
  • Ferulic Acid has a lot of protective properties, and many Vitamin C serums contain this ingredient along with Vitamin E and green tea.

However, you’ll get tons more hyaluronic acid INTO your skin if it’s just a sodium hyaluronate derived hyaluronic + C for instance.

Ingredient #1 – Hyaluronic Acid

Now let’s delve into the whole hyaluronic acid and vitamin C thing – AKA the hottest anti aging skincare trend. Actually, the real hottest trend is anti-inflammatory stem cell cytokines and growth factors, but you’ll read about that after I discuss the serums here. You have no doubt heard of the Hyaluronic acid – Vitamin C craze which has swept the country due to publicity by a certain T.V. doctor. I want you to know exactly what you are buying so a word about this because, when done correctly, it is indeed part of anti aging skincare regimen. The dermal layer of your skin is made up of about 70% water and consists of nearly 50% of your body’s total hyaluronic acid allotment. It helps to support and hydrate the skin, resulting in a healthy and attractive appearance. As your amount of HA decreases (which it will do with age – in fact, adults have only 1/20th the amount of HA of a baby), the skin membranes become dehydrated. This leads to flaking, fine lines, surface roughness, and lots more carnage.

  • Dry skin turns into wrinkly skin. Wrinkles (rhytids) emerge due to the loss of three important components in the skin: collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin.
  • Hyaluronic acid provides the hydrating and nutrient-transporting framework.
  • If elastin is not bathed in water, it becomes dry and brittle – leading to dull, loose, and less-elastic skin.

Now that you get your hyaluronic acid needs replacement, here’s the news. Unless it’s injected, topically applied hyaluronic acid molecules are too big to penetrate your skin, and therefore a topical hyaluronic acid product does nothing. You need a product which contains sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It has a significantly smaller molecular size than hyaluronic acid, causing it to penetrate the skin’s surface easily. It can retain a large amount of water — up to 1,000 its own weight. This means it can penetrate to lower layers of the skin, attract and retain water, and promote nutrient absorption.

Ingredient #2 – Vitamin C

There are claims that you need a 20% Vitamin C product for proper efficacy. Research has shown that concentrations as low as 0.6% provide antioxidant and anti-aging benefits to the skin. These benefits are numerous and can be found in the article below. High concentrations tend to burn the skin, leaving it in a constantly irritated and peeling state. Another buying point for you is that L-ascorbic acid needs to be the form of Vitamin C used. serious skin look is achieved with thisHere are more ingredients which are effective and can be found in high-quality facial serums: Acai oil, Green tea extract, Retinol, Caffeine, Salicylic acid, Retinoic acid, and the ever-popular hyaluronate-Vitamin C combo. These are (most of the time) part of your first layer. The quality and purity of what you are putting on your face are crucial. You are absorbing toxins if you put them on your face! At the very least I will recommend naturally derived (organic and certified to be so) products as well as products which don’t contain parabens or propylene glycol. This is why I carry the brand Moor Spa skin and body products—I never have to worry. With the use of my exclusive products, anyone who uses them will see the difference in the look of their skin. I call this phenomenon your skin appeal.

Check out their serums for your first serum.

Again, thinking of your skin type. I use their renewal serum twice daily for the Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Some people do 2-3 serums or alternate them due to ingredients. I use a more protective serum when I go into the cold, need more sun protection, or free radical protection. The best second layer to use is one that gives you plumping and free radical protection.

Our most popular serum and the one I also use is Moor Spa Platinum Supreme.

The Moor Spa Platinum Supreme serum (pictured above) has natural, not synthesized, Palmitoyl Tripeptide for plumping, DMAE for anti-aging, lactic acid for a gentle exfoliation, and alpha lipoic acid for free radical protection and wrinkle reversal. It even helps get rid of certain types of acne scars. Important procedural note here – you will increase penetration of these serums and all that is to follow if you start off with a once daily rolling meaning a derma-roller – .5 mm is deep enough. You can also get a 1.5 mm roller and numbing cream and do it once or twice a month after you get the technique down.

  • You can get one on Amazon for $6.00 – don’t let your Dermatologist sell you one for $150 – it’s the same thing!
  • Put on the hyaluronic-C serum, roll, dry for 2 mins, and then (at night) apply the Platinum Supreme serum – the holes are there!
  • Continue with the Lifeline ProPlus+ night serum.

This is the product I’m going to talk about now – just remember this dermarolling tip. It applies to in-office 2.0 derma-rolls too, even if your doctor doesn’t know about it yet!

So After Layer One (or One-Two) of Anti Aging Serum – What Next?

As your only serum layer or your second serum layer, I recommend the Lifeline ProPlus+ day or night serum. The peptides, growth factors and cytokines are formulated using nanotechnology to get all the amazing ingredients down to the dermis to stimulate collagen, elastin, and new skin cell formation. What are cytokines? They are special messengers put out by stem cells to help us heal faster if they are anti-inflammatory cytokines. Lifeline® ProPlus+ DuoThat is why they are recommended for use with laser procedures which cause skin injuries such as the popular Fraxel and the less popular but effective CO2 laser procedures. They also help you heal much faster after micro-needling or derma-rolling. In fact, you’re good to go the next day usually if you use this with your MN or DR procedure! Indeed, this is why anti-aging doctors such as myself recommend this category of products as most definitely the best single or second layer serum to use.

Make a mental note that with the roller you are stimulating collagen and elastin and making little tiny holes for better ingredient penetration. This activity causes a micro-injury which by definition sparks elastin/collagen production and will make these stem cell products work even better! Simultaneously, this product will heal up the little punctures made with the needles much quicker.

The Last Layer

This is useful for when it’s really cold and dry, you are skiing, or it’s bedtime, and your skin needs it. Of course, this next layer is sunscreen if it’s daytime. how to look younger

Ceramides – Helps replenish the skin’s natural oils.
Glycerol – Helps water and other moisturizer ingredients penetrate the skin to get where they are needed.
Niacinamide – Helps the skin produce more natural oils, and may also help reverse the signs of sun-damaged skin, like brown spots and blotchiness.
Hydroxy Acids – Helps with exfoliation of dead skin cells.
Grape seed oil, Squalene, Shark liver oil, Rosehip seed oil, Jojoba oil, Borage seed oil, Avocado oil, and sea buckthorn oil for the best natural oils.

My very favorite recommendation for this last layer is the lovely Moor Spa Platinum Supreme Cream (pictured above), which contains the ingredients listed above. It is noncomedogenic as are all of our products and just feels luxurious. If you want more choices, then see the best anti-aging products for skin article.

Exfoliation – A Very Important Step in Your Anti Aging Skincare Regimen

Let’s talk about exfoliation, shall we? As we get older, the outer layer of our epidermis called the stratum corneum doesn’t slough off as quickly. This leads to a dull complexion which gives you a sallow, rather than glowing appearance. Proper exfoliation one to three times weekly keeps the skin supple and healthy looking. It sloughs off flaky dead skin, and the motions used to massage the face, enable increased blood flow which stimulates collagen and elastin production. Recall that these are the two major building blocks in the skin, hydrated and held together by hyaluronic acid.

Benefits of exfoliation include:

  • By removing the undesirable dead outer layer of skin, we promote new and clearer skin to grow out.
  • It will help sun damaged and discolored skin by giving it a more uniform and even tone.
  • The effects of acne scars, if not completely removed, will definitely become much less noticeable.
  • It also does quite effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Effective to stop the growth of ingrown hairs.

Medi-spa professionals, Plastic Surgeons, Anti-aging doctors, and Esthetic Dermatologists have long realized that enzymatic, not mechanical exfoliation, is part of the proper anti aging skincare for mature skin. By mechanical, I mean scrubbing beads which are fine when you are young, but not so great when you get older and your dermis is thinner and more fragile. If you want to spend $150/week on a micro-dermabrasion and have the time and money, then great. Just make sure that the Esthetician knows how to do the procedure on skin of differing ages – ask him/her!

If you don’t do the real thing, the next best thing is a Vitamin C Mask which is amazingly therapeutic, doesn’t go overboard (you know what I mean), and gives you baby skin. I LOVE our Vitamin C mask. I alternate this with the kelzyme mask which is a quick pore shrinker and skin tightener.

All the information you need – meaning inside-out care and products, topical products, and don’t miss the How to Look Young Forever Without Plastic Surgery article – is all on this website. Chat me up with your questions anytime!


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