5 Healthy Sleep Tips for Better Sleep

Need Help Falling Asleep?

We can give you help falling asleep and staying asleep.

  • Are you waking up in the middle of night, asking “do I have insomnia?”
  • Are you looking for the best sleep aid supplements – all natural?
  • Are you wanting to improve your REM sleep for overall better sleep quality?

it-return-simplifiedNeed help falling asleep? Yes, this is something else I hear all the time. Everyone seems to be juggling too much-you know what I mean? Our heads hit the pillow and our brains are still racing. Or we are up at 3 a.m. solving problems. Or we are not attending to the little things which interfere with sleep and worsen as we age.

I have solved numerous sleep issues for countless patients over the years. Often they are busy, laying down with “brain race”, needing help falling asleep. Now, I’m doing the same for AgeWellSolutions members too. I’m also providing information and products to help non-members so don’t count yourself out! If you are indeed having “brain race” your stress levels need calming down so you can fall asleep. The best way to do that is with PharmaGABA™, the natural way to decrease anxiety.

kimBest wishes,
Dr. Kim

The best sleep aid isn't a prescription drug!

The best sleep aid isn't a prescription drug!

  • A good 50% of those who need help falling asleep find that using proper “sleep hygiene” and changing some habits is “all they need” to correct their sleep initiation problem. This also helps other sleep phase issues.
  • I’ll get into everything from bad habits to bedroom environment.
  • Methods you can use for help falling asleep, staying asleep and having more “refreshing sleep.”
  • The best sleeping pills are generally not pharmaceuticals.
  • I’ll review what works and what is safe.
  • If you just want instant gratification, here is a blog which covers what the best sleep aid or aids are for you and here is where to get them!
Why can't I sleep? Unlocking the secret to deep, restorative, healthy sleep

Why can't I sleep? Unlocking the secret to deep, restorative, healthy sleep.

  • We will discuss all of the possible reasons why you are not able to sleep.
  • First, I will help you identify at which phase of sleep you are having a problem.
  • I’ll give you ways to tackle ‘your phase issue’ including in-depth solutions meaning help falling asleep, and staying asleep.
  • I also discuss sleep disorders and the often missed energy and sleep zapping disorder called adrenal fatigue, amongst other commonly missed, easily treatable disorders.
  • Techniques from white noise to relaxation techniques which can be of help falling asleep or getting back to sleep after a wake-up!