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EnergyFor my entire “medical practice life,” which now includes AgeWellSolutions members, having a lack of energy is generally one of the main complaints I hear. Therefore I can fix this problem in my sleep and I don’t think there is anything that would surprise me anymore. In the articles below, I will share with you the many ways energy can be and is often compromised along with the different ways I have to fix all of your energy problems. I have had patients who have come to me, barely able to get out of bed due to severe but fortunately totally reversible energy issues.

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Supplements, vitamins, drinks, herbs and foods that give you more energy

Supplements, vitamins, drinks, herbs and foods that give you more energy

  • The best vitamins for energy, including B12!
  • Supplements for energy you’ve never heard of such as things to boost production of ATP in mitochondria.
  • Herbs which encompass “adrenal support”, general “adaptogens” and mild non-toxic stimulants.
  • High energy foods, whole foods, and grab-and-go snacks such as pistachios and almonds.
  • Healthy Energy Drinks, including a couple of nice surprises for you.
How to get more energy and never feel old

Get more energy and never feel old!

  • If you have a total lack of energy and your doctor says “nothing is wrong” your doctor is probably wrong!
  • Commonly missed and totally treatable medical conditions.
  • Every single solitary lifestyle item you need to “tweak” if you need more energy.
  • Supplements which are a must due to “depletion” as we age.

Dr. Kim