How to Stop Cravings with Weight Loss Magic

Your Key to Successful and Permanent Weight Loss – How to Stop Cravings with 100% Success

weightIf you have tried conventional diet plans, only to find that you “Find the weight” or maybe it finds you, all over again? It’s frustrating isn’t it? But there are reasons which will make a lot of sense to you when you read what I have to say about things like how to stop sugar cravings, for instance, or why the “big diet companies” don’t have plans that work. I have been helping patients lose weight for 30 years.

It’s a national health problem but it doesn’t need to be your problem anymore. My patients are all “slim” and my AgeWell Solutions members are slim or getting there. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that you cannot have successful and permanent weight loss. Please read the info-packed four articles below.

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Dr. Kim

Foods that speed up metabolism and supplements that do the same!

Foods that speed up metabolism and supplements that do the same!

  • There are foods that speed up metabolism-they are all here!
  • Some supplement also speed up metabolism but they are not all safe – meaning they end up actually impeding weight loss and harming your overall health.
  • I prefer natural metabolism boosters which are both safe and effective.
Motivation to lose weight

Motivation to lose weight

  • What is your motivation to lose weight? Health? Looks? Class reunion? Combo?
  • This article is a collection of 4 “real people” success stories and I’m sure you can relate to at least one.
  • Issues that obstructed weight loss for them included not knowing how to curb sugar cravings, too much travel and eating out, too little “discipline”, stress-eating and more.
Unexplained weight gain explained

Unexplained weight gain explained - how to age healthy and lean! (Includes belly fat and menopause sections)

  • Attention all peri-menopausal and menopausal women-this article is for you!
  • This article addresses the scourge of what menopause does to our bodies regarding weight, including menopause.
  • I’ve used my knowledge as a hormone expert to teach all women going through “the change” that there are reasons for weight gain, belly fat and they can all be corrected for successful weight loss.