Basics of Disease Prevention

Quick Summary


In Module 1, we discuss the three main causes of disease and aging. The majority of people and even doctors are not aware of the importance of these three that can be controlled to know how to slow down aging, enhance well being, and prevent diseases.

1. Oxidative stress:
This should be looked at as a “reverse” phenomenon, since the fewer anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies you consume, the more oxidative stress you will have. The less you have the more you will know how to slow down aging!

fruits-veggiesYou will also be worse off if: you fly a lot, are in the sun a lot, live in “a city,” (and are therefore exposed to considerable pollution). Eating processed foods also adds to the problem as does smoking and being overweight or obese. Note that there are very few people who either eat a lot of processed foods, are overweight or obese or who smoke that will tell you that they truly have a sense of well being or health, right?

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2. Inflammation: We are referring to chronic inflammation here, which is something we  usually just “don’t feel” until an inflammatory disease “gets us”. Why not prevent this??? Cancer is an inflammatory disease and so is heart disease. Of course, so is arthritis but why suffer with “anything” that causes pain and loss of well being when you can prevent just about everything while aging more slowly?

Fast foods Picture1Some of the causes of chronic inflammation are:
• Being overweight
• Eating processed foods, fast foods, and starchy foods
• Drinking straight fruit juice, and foods containing sugar

The bottom line is that the worse you eat and the more you weigh, the more inflamed you will be. And the chicken-egg story, here, is the more INFLAMED you are, the more WEIGHT you gain and the harder it is to lose As a result, you keep putting on the pounds which makes you MORE INFLAMED. Infuriating isn’t it? This is why people say they have “unexplained weight gain because they are truly not eating or exercising differently! So if you are reading and relating you are in the right place!

3. Glycation: This is the fancy term to describe what happens to your cells when exposed to elevated (not even diabetic) blood sugar levels.

Sugar Picture1Basically, they (your cells) become stiff, less effective and “act older” metabolically speaking, with a higher likelihood to mutate. This is more commonly known as insulin resistance, and most, if not all, of the medical community (except Anti-aging doctors), simply wait until a diagnosis of Diabetes is made, and then the issue is addressed with a prescription pharmaceutical. By the way you can picture how glycation affects all cells including skin cells but a combo of any of these will make you look older than you are. Conversely when all of this is under control you will look younger-a lot younger, in fact!

WE HAVE solutions!

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