Motivation to Lose Weight

What has given my patients their motivation to lose weight?


Selected Success stories from REAL clients


I love Jay – a typical wise-cracking sales guy. He calls me “doll”, not Dr. Kim, not “doc”, but “doll”. It’s endearing and for all feminists who take offense I say just “chill, baby, chill“.  

He came to me with a bunch of medical issues (including congestive heart failure which I was able to reverse) and is doing great. When we met he had been in “recovery” for 20 years. We know that alcoholism is associated with a low level of the brain chemical dopamine. We also know that recovering alcoholics are big time sugar-cravers. One thing that was bothering Jay, a single guy in search of  women was his not-perfect body at age 65+. He was weight training with his gym-in-a-bag, eating a “decent diet”, doing his “cardio” daily, BUT…..

He did not know how to stop sugar cravings until he met me. And his motivation to lose weight was to get competitive in the “dating games”. Hey- you know what? I do NOT care what your motivation to lose weight may be, I’m here to help, and so I did.

First we did the anti-inflammatory diet AND did the “ketotic version” which is a healthy Atkins diet-no high fat, just cutting carbs. That is the first step to curb the sugar cravings. Then we added 5-OH tryptophan carefully, upping the dose as tolerated by his GI tract. And of course we amped up his dopamine levels with L-tyrosine and SAMe. That should have “done the trick”.

But, no. Jay was still scarfing down a whole cheesecake on Friday nights.  But then I added the hormone oxytocin-the bonding hormone. Due to recent data about dogs, which I’ll tell you in a moment, I told him a technique to further amp up his oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin is the “bonding hormone”. New moms have high levels to bond to babies. Couples make more of it when they look into each other’s eyes. And as a dog-fanatic I just love this data I’m going to tell you about. Researchers have found (and I’m going to summarize it here) that when your dog looks in your eyes and you look in their eyes that their oxytocin levels increase to bond them more to you. But what is so cool is that YOUR oxytocin levels increase not just to bond them to you but to bond you to your loved ones and to help you with sugar cravings! So, since just about all of my patients and members have dogs, love dogs, and we “talk dogs” Jay was all for staring into the big brown eyes of his “best friend”. Between all of the above treatments Jay has been able to reach his ideal weight, and has a girlfriend who is “of his dreams”. And he just told me they are getting married so don’t you love a happy ending? Talk about great motivation to lose weight, right?


Cheryl just called me 6 months ago to tell me that she was retired at an age younger than me!! I love Cheryl but will admit that I was a bit jealous. She left a high-profile job as a CFO of a major F500 company to do a Bio-tech start-up. She worked like a maniac as the CEO for 2 years and now has cashed in her stock options. And she has been on the road, big big time. I have a special “how to” for my patients and members who are “on the road” but stress is a big motivator for eating “wrong”. She was stressed and eating all wrong.

OK.- no biggie, now we can “fix”!  Of all the non-hunger eating I see, I would say stress is #1. I have cures for that in my program-everything from stress management techniques to supplements which reduce stress. What do I recommend? Mainly chewable GABA (non-chewable isn’t absorbed and you need to chew and put it under your tongue) and Inositol caps can be taken as well. 5-OH tryptophan is useful if  used judiciously and correctly. (However-not if you are on anti-depressants or have manic- depressive illness.)

Cheryl has had issues with weight control for years and years. Menopause is the great weight putter-on-er. Is that a word? No. But you know what I mean. And I’ll talk a lot more about menopause weight in the next article so be sure to read that one too, OK?

Anyway, Cheryl’s main problem was stress-related, non-hunger eating coupled with “on the road eating”. And her motivation to lose weight was to have better health and to just plain look sexier for her husband. Rah rah for that kind of great motivation to lose weight!  Both motivations!

So we had to review the anti-inflammatory diet and the ketotic version and see what she just couldn’t live without, and make substitutions. She loved her “diet cheat sheet”.  It really wasn’t hard with Cheryl. Once she was home and retired she could control what was in her pantry and her refrigerator. She has the luxury of having a cook so she could ask that person to purchase and prepare exactly what I “prescribed”. And she could also get back on a regular fitness program which is something that got “nuked” on the road.

After 6 months doing a healthy eating program, using the fitness program made for her by me and using only as needed chewable GABA supplements for stress eating-Cheryl is now at her goal weight. I am so excited to see her this fall! She is an example of how to lose weight during menopause and keep it off post menopause – it is very very doable. Another example of how, when you have adequate motivation to lose weight, you just plain will!


Carol is a hard-working woman who is a friend, not just a member but she has turned into a really good friend. We email each other almost daily, have built homes at the same time, launched websites at the same time and we are the same age within a week. No one is as much of a “health nut” as me and that shows on the outside first. So we look 20 years different in age only because she “started on the path” later and she is not as “vigilant” as I am. She just hates that. That isn’t her real motivation to lose weight but it doesn’t hurt!

But, I don’t like it either which is why I’m such a “nag” with her about the inside out things that are needed and #1 is a healthy diet. This is why HER story may end up being your story-because it is just plain hard to watch everything you put in your mouth and some people need an “easy plan”.

Carol has struggled with weight and she has utilized the “concierge” option of the membership to have me analyze her labs which I told her to have her personal physician order for her.  I cannot get her inflammatory markers down no matter what I do. I always tell people it is up to them PLUS me to stay healthy. Carol has had a very hard time with all the categories of non-hunger eating and I have her on “all” the right brain chemical precursors. But, and who am I to know or judge…I never judge.

Carol and her husband are constantly on the road. They will sit down and eat a stack of pancakes and sausage. For Pete’s sakes, don’t tell me! But they do. And she will say that she forgot to pack XYZ and that’s why. Again, I don’t judge. I just look for solutions. I also try to find someone’s motivation to lose weight and with Carol it seemed as if she was doing it so I’d stop nagging her! Now that is NOT-so-great motivation to lose weight but if you have a “good nagger” in your life, who knows?  

After I finished reading everything there was to read about safe and “non-painful” fasting and how good it was for overall health, I decided THAT was the “only way to go” for her. I am low-normal weight for my height and have no need to lose weight but “tried my plan out” first and discovered-no hunger, no issues.

I told Carol to take my two natural and inexpensive appetite suppressors – chromium nicotinate and 5-OH tryptophan at proscribed hunger intervals. I also told her to use her “reds” and “greens” she gets from me as an all-day drink to substitute for everything until dinner. That way she will increase her protection from diseases, suppress her appetite, have a positive health benefit from a controlled fast= slower telomere shortening=aging slower. And all she needs to worry about is having a 7 PM healthy dinner.

At first she was not eager to do this. Her husband, who is a diabetic that never had great blood sugars, also needed to do it. I suspected that he was the main culprit in the pancake and sausage capers. I got them both on the phone and went over labs and weights and made my case. I told them I would “do it with them” for solidarity” and I DID!

Using the appetite suppressants and my reds/greens drink – they are both now almost at their goal. Her husband’s blood sugar is under control for the first time in five years, Yay! They are still on the diet and will need to be eased back into the daily eating plan. But I think that I will have them do the Tues/Thurs routine which is what they are now doing and will for a long time. It is not painful, it is a healthy and easy way to maintain weight, and has been shown to lengthen life span. So I am PERSONALLY in! What about you?

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