Consultation and Optional Lab Testing Services

your online doctor - Dr. Kim

“Dr. Kim Crawford quickly figured out that I had adrenal fatigue causing my belly fat and tiredness and recommended exactly what I needed.”
– Lisa Reiming, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Dr. Kim identified my stress-driven eating patterns and sent me a diet plan and with links to exactly the products I needed to stop my bingeing – I finally achieved my weight loss goals!”
– Mary Caitlin, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Crawford helped me get healthy – plain and simple.”
– Juan Postado, Houston, TX

Annual Consultation Services

Continue your online doctor consultation relationship with Dr. Kim

May also be done without consultation if desired.

Only $162.50 (w/ an online doctor consultation package) for the entire year
Private 30 minute one-on-one call with Dr. Kim
Unlimited emails to Dr. Kim
Unlimited on-demand health webinars