Basics of Disease Prevention

Module 1 addresses the three main causes of disease and aging. Most people and even many doctors are not aware of the devastating affect of these three on the body and that they can be controlled to dramatically slow down aging, prevent diseases, and enhance well being.


Looking older? Feeling older? Don’t want to “get old?” Hey who does?

If you are feeling older and looking older than you THINK you should, chances are that you have an issue with one, two, or even all three of the things we discuss in this very important module. If you fix the issues you are likely unaware of listed below you will feel younger, look younger and be on the path to weight normalization for life and disease prevention as well.


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Three Main Causes of Disease and Aging

Oxidative Stress

This should be looked at as a “reverse” phenomenon, since the fewer anti-oxidant rich fruits and veggies you consume, the more oxidative stress you will have.The less you have the more you will be able to prevent diseases, slow down aging, and improve your sense of well being! If you want to know how to look younger this is the first place to start as oxidative stress ages you inside and out. You will also be worse off if: you fly a lot, are in the sun a lot, live in a city, (and are therefore exposed to considerable pollution). Eating processed foods also adds to the problem as does smoking and being overweight or obese. We HAVE solutions!

Dr. KimDR. KIM’S MEDICAL OPINION: AWS RED & GREEN SUPERFOODOne of the main disease-makers along with inflammation, this is a ubiquitous problem for Americans that needs to be addressed. While great vitamins (such as those we have) will indeed do the trick, I am seeing more and more research about the importance of phytonutrients found in fruits and veggies which are excluded from vitamin preparations. Therefore my #1 pick to solve this problem for all is 1-2 drinks per day of a scoop of “reds” and a scoop of “greens” made chilled and delicious in a shaker cup.


We are referring to chronic inflammation here, which is something we usually just “don’t feel” until an inflammatory disease “gets us”. Why not prevent this?

Some of the causes of chronic inflammation are:
• Being overweight.
• Eating processed foods, fast foods, and starchy foods.
•  Drinking straight fruit juice, and foods containing sugar.

The bottom line is that the worse you eat and the more you weigh, the more inflamed you will be. And the chicken-egg story, here, is the more inflamed you are, the more weight you gain and the harder it is to lose. As a result, you keep putting on the pounds which makes you more inflamed. Infuriating isn’t it? We have not just healthy living tips but real  solutions to solve what ails you and make you become healthy.

When it comes to weight loss, we have you eliminate inflammation and normalize ghrelin and leptin – the two hormones discussed in the diet plans article. We can also tackle the unexplained weight gain most women experience during menopause.


This is the fancy term to describe what happens to your cells when exposed to elevated (not even diabetic) blood sugar levels.

Basically, they (your cells) become stiff, less effective, and act older metabolically speaking, with a higher likelihood to mutate. This is more commonly known as insulin resistance, and most, if not all, of the medical community (except Anti-aging doctors), simply wait until a diagnosis of Diabetes is made, and then the issue is addressed with a prescription pharmaceutical. WE HAVE solutions!

Health and Well Being

Everything you need to start your journey to greatly improved health can be found in Dr. Kim’s health and well being kit. Everything is 15% off and includes a 10% lifetime product discount.

An important word of advice from Dr. Kim:

Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.

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Happy member who has found his oxidative stress solution and lives and anxiety free life

As a very busy over – 70 attorney, I originally sought out Dr. Kim through a friend’s recommendation for the purpose of preventing disease and slowing aging. I had no idea of how simple things like oxidative stress and glycation, terms my regular doctors don’t use, were so responsible for so many diseases and even aging itself.

Dr. Kim cleared the above-mentioned problems which I had, allow me to feel younger, with my energy restored to what it was at age 30. In addition, she very greatly reduced my need for arthritis medicines. She saw that my fast-paced lifestyle was impacting my adrenal glands which also impacted my sleep and fixed both of these issues allowing me to have much better sleep and reduce toxic cortisol levels.

I would recommend any advice she gives or products she recommends to anyone who is looking to “age much better” than they otherwise would.

William Richey, Esquire