Preventing Age Related Immune System Decline

As with everything else, as we age our immune system deteriorates which is why you see more contagious illness and cancer in people as we age. But we have solutions for this, as with everyone else! We can amp up your immune system back to where it was when you were 30.


More colds? More flus? A diagnosis of cancer? All due to a declining immune system and all reversible!

If you are over 40 you are losing immune power each decade. If you have not been through the “GI tract module”, you , by definition have an impaired immune system so DO check that out when you’re done here. You don’t have to go through life getting one cold after the next and you certainly don’t need another diagnosis of cancer-something that most people don’t know is largely preventable! Please review Module 1 (free!) and fill out the Questionnaire here and in the “GI module” to get yourself on the path to perfect immune system health!

Quick & Easy Self-Assessment Symptom Checker Questionnaire

Take this potentially life saving quick & easy symptom checker questionnaire and get immediate answers and recommendations. Your questionnaire results are 100% private and not stored, saved, or accessible by anyone except yourself.

Boosting Your Immune System

Here’s a summary of what you learn in module 10:

boost your immune system

  • Help prevent cold and flu
  • Help prevent all infections
  • Almost eliminate chances of cancer
  • Help allergy symptoms
  • Boost your brain power and have perfect brain health for life.

A good diet is imperative! The diet we give you as a part of your program is, of course a perfect immune stimulating diet. At the very least, KNOW that highly inflammatory foods such as processed foods, fast foods, sugary foods and starchy foods will depress your immune system. Also know that there are immune-stimulating spices and foods too! These are:

And that’s just a fraction of what you will learn in this module. Remember we customize everyone’s program to YOU so we’ll let you know how much immune boosting you require via supplementation, if needed.

General Health and Well Being

Dr. Kim’s hand-picked health and well being kit contains just what you need to get healthy and stay that way. All products are 15% off and includes all initial immune boosters as well as a 10% lifetime product discount.

An important word of advice from Dr. Kim:

Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.