Preventing Age Related Mood Decline with Natural Mood Enhancers

In module 11, we find out if you have issues, if you need to be weaned from useless anti-depressants onto ways to improve mood naturally and why there is more anxiety and depression as you age, and more. We get you feeling anxiety-free, in a great mood, and WE KEEP IT THAT WAY for you for life! We DO have solutions!


Constantly in a Bad Mood? Having Symptoms of Stress? Lets fix it!

Wants to live a depression free lifeIf you are having mood change issues, whether it is depression or symptoms of stress, you know it is negatively affecting you and those around you. I understand because I have treated many people with these same issues. Sometimes they have been ongoing and other times they just pop up in our mid-life years. Within a short time I can likely pinpoint what is causing your issues and help you with natural mood enhancers which allow your own brain make the right happy chemicals. This is something few Doctors truly understand and I have done this for years with tremendous success. In fact, here is a story to which you may relate. Read how Melissa now leads a depression-free life with natural mood enhancers!


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Here’s a summary of what you learn in module 11:

We are ruled emotionally by four major neurotransmitters or brain chemicals, and there are ways to increase them. These “brain chemicals” are called “neurotransmitters” because they are the chemicals that “jump” the gap between the neuron terminals (synapses), hence transmitting the brain signals from one brain cell (neuron) to another. Without neurotransmitters, there could be no brain activity whatsoever.

They cause age related mood issues due to just plain diminution in the amount you have. One in particular wanes and without “fixing” the level you lose cognition. They cause symptoms of stress and anxiety and when fixed, members are reporting that they have a relatively anxiety free life for the first time, ever! And just so you “get” that everything is indeed interrelated, a large number of people (more women than men) with a digestive problem like constipation will also have some depression which is fixed as we fix the constipation naturally. (No kidding-due to the fact that a principal “happy brain neurotransmitter” called serotonin is manufactured in the GI tract!)

This is why maintaining a proper balance of these neurotransmitters is so critical for our brain to function normally. As we age these neurotransmitters “go down” just like everything else… see a pattern here, right? SO: there tends to be more anxiety, depression, and other mood issues as we get older. And unfortunately, when we see mood issues we often see weight, sleep, and energy issues too.

During this module we first find out if you have issues, if you need to be weaned from (largely) useless anti-depressants, and more. We get you feeling anxiety-free, in a great mood, and WE KEEP IT THAT WAY for you for life! We DO have solutions whether you wish to learn and shop or become an AWS annual consultation member! Please don’t leave without getting your FREE good mood guide!

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Relieve Stress & Improve Your Mood

If you feel that you are depressed, please see the home page and take the self assessment questionnaire or contact Dr. Kim for a free consultation. If stress is your issue, we have an amazingly effective stress relief kit with all products 15% off, guaranteed to reduce your stress, and includes a 10% lifetime product discount.

An important word of advice from Dr. Kim:

Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.

Greg Kirton, CEO

Dr. Kim has transformed my life! I am now in better shape and my energy level is great all day. The supplements I am taking has also increased my wellness as I am hardly ever sick even with a cold. Dr. Kim is not only my doctor but a friend. Let me also add that I have never felt so happy and stress free in my entire life!

Greg Kirton, CEO