How to Regain Energy as if You Were 30!

Have you lost your get-up-and-go or more? Do you want to regain energy and “feel like a kid again” even if you ARE “a kid” and are exhausted? If so you are in the RIGHT PLACE! 

In this module, we help you to increase energy naturally. How do we do that? Well, first we discover why you think you need to gain energy in the first place-and we’re very good detectives! Here are the most common causes of why YOU may not have a perfect energy level.


Tired? Exhausted? You Don’t Have To Be!

Girl who wants sleep problems to disappearIf you are on this page, you are likely feeling exhausted or close to it. Perhaps your doctor doesn’t know why (and maybe doesn’t care why…)  One thing is certain… Dr. Kim does care. “I care very much! I can often determine the cause so fast it will amaze you because this is MY specialty and I have had tremendous success identifying and treating the causes for my patients.” The key to improving your energy is to quickly figure out why you have low energy and then give you the step by step actions you need to correct it. I have done this TONS of time; here is one person’s story you might relate to… Rhiannon wanted more energy-read how she got it! 


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Here’s a summary of what you learn in module 2:

Common Energy Suckers:

  • Hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroid hormone)
  • Adrenal stress or full adrenal fatigue: This is very commonly missed by anti-aging doctors because, quite frankly, they are not educated about the phenomenon. Symptoms include unrefreshed sleep, varying levels of fatigue during the day, poor sleep quality including, very commonly, several wake-ups during the night. It is usually brought on by preceding or currently occurring physical or emotional stress and often associated with high cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

sleeplikeababyHow to regain energy here involves finding better ways to deal with our stress, which the AgeWell Solutions program addresses. Unfortunately, sometimes people self-medicate with extra caffeine and/or energy drinks which will just worsen this condition. It often causes mild depression due to the lack of quality sleep, and as a result, many doctors erroneously treat this condition with antidepressants. This practice leads to a decreased quality of sleep. And we want you to have not just a better night sleep but great and fabulous sleep!

For help with adrenal fatigue please see the article just linked for you. To find the best natural sleep aids, please see that article. Put an end to being tired—opt-in for the free sleep ebook below in the footer.

  • Depression – please get my free good mood guide here.
  • Decreased ATP (cellular energy) production from our cells of respiration (mitochondria) with age.
  • Poor sleep quality: (This happens as we age unless we DO something about it!)
  • Decrease in muscle mass
  • Social issues: As a reminder, if you are a caregiver to an elderly parent, are over-worked or worried about several “family matters,” you most likely have “adrenal issues”. If you recall, this is associated with high fasting cortisol levels a great deal of the time.
  • Your diet: Eating an inflammatory (American!) diet will zap your energy. Luckily, this can be easily remedied! Developing new, healthy eating habits is how you can increase energy naturally and enjoyably. Please get a free copy of the diet plan AND the entire first module by here.

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An important word of advice from Dr. Kim:

Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.

Helping you regain energy and improve your daily energy is our top priority. We understand the desire to have more energy is often a major concern so we have developed and tested solutions to ALL of these energy sucker scenarios that hold people back! With AgeWell Solutions, you can feel more alive and have more energy than ever before!