How to Look Younger

Your skin is a reflection of what’s going on inside and beauty is best enhanced from the inside out. After addressing the inside we can focus on what’s seen on the outside.


Looking older than you think you should? Not to worry! We have all the answers for you!

If you are seeking out how to look younger then perhaps you are looking in the mirror and the reflection you see doesn’t represent the “real you.” In other words, that person staring back at you is looking a bit tired and older than you want to look. Don’t worry! As someone who is well aware of all of the things we need to do to look younger, I will be your “mentor” on this quest! If you follow my program, people look, on average, about 5 years younger within 6 months-some more! There is no reason you should look as young as you want!

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Here are a few recommendations on how to look younger:

  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods in your diet and take care of untreated oxidative stress, glycation and inflammation.
  • If you smoke, stop! WE have help for you here.
  • If you get lots of sun, stop! Wear Paraben-free #30 SPF for UVA and UVB when you are outdoors.
  • Hydrate until your urine is clear.
  • Use a good cleanser and moisturizer or skin care system of products that contain paraben-free, non pore-clogging ingredients.
  • Ask your doctor if you can be weaned from any pharmaceuticals.
  • Replace dental bridges with implants.
  • Get good sleep-plain and simple. We dedicate an entire module to this important topic, so if you have issues please let us help you take care of them.  If you scroll to the footer you can get your free instant PDF of Dr. Kim’s ebook “Sleep like a baby.”

And, YES: there are a LOT more of these inside-out beauty secrets no one knows but the celebrities and Anti-aging patients who have picked smart doctors interested in this topic as Dr. Kim is. The HOTTEST beauty and anti-aging topic involves skin inflammation and is the ticket to de-aging your skin. We have the perfect skin care system for you which is only available through doctors like Dr. Kim. It’s the one you have likely been hearing about with stem cell cytokines and amazing growth factors called Lifeline® Proplus+. It plus the inside out fixes is the solution for YOU on just how to look younger within a month! In fact here are some one month b/a pictures!

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An important word of advice from Dr. Kim:

Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.

Member with visible benefits Dr. Kim’s program helped me to achieve a great feeling of well-being. I guess I feel SMOOTH… Like everything is flowing throughout my body in harmony. I am nearing my 68th birthday. I feel like I’m 30 and am told I look like I’m in my 40s!!

Thank you Dr. Kim for giving me my youth back. You saved me!

Linda Luft, Broker
Bluewater Realty, LLC