How to Stop Midlife Weight Gain

Your metabolism gets sluggish during hormonal change times. Our weight gain solutions will get and keep the weight off of you!


Midlife weight gain? On and off weight gain? We’ve got you covered!

unexplained weight gainIf you are on this page you have done many conventional weight loss programs and either can’t take any significant weight off or keep gaining it back. Guess what? This is not your fault. They want you to keep looking for weight gain solutions by having you put back the pounds so you will stay a customer! Commercial weight loss programs sell foods which tend to promote weight gain and definitely don’t do what I do which is to make sure you lose it and keep it off! If you’re frustrated, I understand! I have ways to determine the cause of WHY you can’t lose weight-some real weight gain solutions, not patches.

supplement to increase metabolismThere can be many many reasons you have never thought of which are impairing your ability to lose that midlife weight gain. I’ll mention a few. Your GI tract microbiome or bacterial flora is changed if you have taken antibiotics for instance and the toxic bacteria actually slows down your metabolism. I know! Yes, we can fix anything if you were just thinking that. Read about that and 3 other things that sabotage your diet plans big time!

Just eating a typical American diet and restricting calories gives you such high inflammation levels that THAT impedes weight loss, sending you looking for real solutions too!

short term memory lossThe vast majority of people who are over their ideal body weight eat when they are not hungry and guess what, we have supplements which are the building blocks of brain chemicals which help you stop sugar cravings and much more!

Lastly let me touch on a subject that you might have noticed- if you don’t get enough good quality sleep and or you have low energy levels you will tend to eat more and move less. Such was the case with a member named Cindy. If you have energy and/or sleep issues you just might relate. She is someone I helped to successfully lose weight. She was never heavy until her midlife weight gain! I have helped thousands of others before her and I can certainly help you too! Cindy’s weight loss plans were finally a success!


Quick & Easy Self-Assessment Symptom Checker Questionnaire

Take this potentially life saving quick & easy symptom checker questionnaire and get immediate answers and recommendations. Your questionnaire results are 100% private and not stored, saved, or accessible by anyone except yourself.

Some Quick Tips and Things You Will Learn About in this Module:

  • Get deep and restful sleep (and we’ll make SURE you do!)
  • Hydrate
  • Treat the mood-energy-cravings related issues (we have easy solutions to DO this!)
  • No soft drinks
  • Chew your food / Chew gum 3x a day for 45 min (sweetened with Xylitol)
  • See one of our hormone replacement specialists if needed
  • Eat the RIGHT foods (and if you do, you DON’T have to count calories)

So Now Let’s Move Onto The Usual Sticking Points:

  • Your metabolism gets sluggish during hormonal change times and, sometimes, it was that way for life. So for some of you, you’ll need to increase your metabolism with foods and metabolism booster supplements.
  • You might be eating out of a need for energy, from stress, anxiety, boredom, or insatiable hunger….again, we have solutions for THAT too! You WILL lose weight with us even if you have tried everything out there. We have solutions for weight gain that will just blow your mind.

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Dr.kimFor optimal results, I recommend that you let me analyze your issues, medical history, labwork, and so on with a good consultation, after which you can have a heavily discounted annual membership and unlimited follow-up with me.