Anti Aging Skin Care Kit

Want to reverse aging? This anti aging skin care kit has you covered!

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We have tracked our best-selling items for two years and hands down, it’s what you see on this page. We promise you will see a difference that is visible to all within a month using these organic and cutting edge skincare products. We know you will be delighted when you ask “how old do I look?” to yourself and everyone else within as little as a month. Please check our information by condition page under skincare and anti aging skin care for helpful usage hints. We know you’ll find what’s in this kit to be the best anti aging products that you have ever used on your skin.

All kit contents are 20% off & ship free. Purchase of this kit comes with a special discount code to purchase other products such as energy, whey protein powders, or appetite/metabolism control products at a 10% discount for life. This kit is not eligible for promotional offers and coupons; however, other items in your order can still receive discounts.

$526.49 $421.19

16 reviews for Anti Aging Skin Care Kit

  1. Lorriane Eyermann

    This really made me look 10 years younger when I combined it with your inside-out regimen-happened within 6 months-many thanks! 5 STARS!!

  2. Colleen P.W

    My favorite products. Eye zone cream is important to help prevent bags, dark circles and crows feet. This cream is thick and smells good. It worked well under my eyes and kept them moisturized the whole day even with my makeup on top of it. It is not greasy or oily feeling which is a major plus in my book. I like to feel hydrated not oily. I love the Vitamin C Mask and the Kelzyme Mask too. All the products are wonderful, each are designed for a certain area. My skin has never looked so healthy and looking younger is an amazing feeling. If you’re serious about anti-aging skin care, I suggest that you give this kit a try.

  3. JoAnna McOwnes

    After years of trying an infinite number of well-known beauty products to disappear the my age spots, blotchy skin, and dark puffy circles under my eyes – with little to no results at all, I was hesitant about purchasing this one, but after reading the reviews and the great discount that they offer, I decided to give it a chance.I’ve been using the AnteAGE MD Duo, Renew Serum, and Eye Zone Cream daily for a little bit over a month now and I’m very happy with the products. I use the mask twice and week and love all of these products. As far as results,my skin looks healthy and glowing, my dark, puffy circles are greatly improved and the skin around my eyes looks healthier and the wrinkles have disappeared. I find that this is a company that cares about the quality of their product line and helping woman/men with looking younger. Since purchasing my first kit, I became a member so I could have a lifetime discount on all of their products.

  4. Brenda Ferchak

    I’ve used Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit for several months and I really like it. The consistency is lightweight and non-greasy. I find that it gets totally absorbed into my skin within minutes. I notice an immediate difference in my eye area — wrinkles are softened/reduced and there is a noticeable lifting of my drooping lids!I have tried other more expensive creams that profess to have a lifting/firming action on the lids, but they do not deliver the same beneficial results as these products. If you’re serious about anti-aging skin care, I suggest that you give this kit a try.

  5. Pamela Quacker

    I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that such a reasonably priced eye zoned cream can be so noticeably effective. I felt a new softness in my skin the first day I used it, and within a couple of weeks, I felt that I was seeing a noticeable difference in the bags and wrinkles around my eyes. After the huge difference around my eyes I decided to purchase the AnteAGE MD DUO. Once again, I had great results. In fact, after I had been using both product for several months, my doctor thought I was at least ten years younger than I am. I don’t think he was just being kind because he did a double-take and rechecked my chart. Since purchasing this kit, I have had people tell me that I a healthy shinny glow and did I have cosmetic work done. I tell them “no”, and where they find all the great products that I have been using.

  6. Noreen Davis

    I am thirty years old and previously thought that I was too young to worry about anti-aging products. When I noticed the slight lines forming in the corners of my eyes and on my forehead, I was thrown into a state of genuine panic. Was I getting old? Should I have taken better care of my skin in my 20s? Was the damage reversible?After reading a lot of positive reviews, I decided to try this package of products for myself. I use it in the morning and at night, on all of the lines that I have been noticing. After a couple of months, they are significantly less noticeable! I no longer feel the need to wear foundation and cover up on a daily basis, and my skin feels much softer and healthier.I highly recommend all of these anti-aging product to anyone and everyone who want to nip the aging process in the bud!

  7. Shellia Wilkcow

    I have dry sensitive skin and have been using Cleansing Milk for years. When I found out that Dr. Kim was offering it with several other great products, I jumped at the chance to get them all. I love the discount for life that is offered. All these products are amazing. If you were to shop anywhere else, you would pay 100’s more than here. My husband tells me all the time that I look more beautiful now than I did when he married me 17 years ago. That is the best compliment he could ever give me. I am a customer for life.

  8. Risa LeBlanc

    I’ve been using the AnteAGE MD for almost a year now. I have seen dramatic changes in my appearance and my fine lines. I love the discount that Dr. Kim offers with this kit. I have tried several of these items and had great results. The Vitamin C Mask leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the renew serum gives my skin that healthy glow in the morning. All these products are amazing, you will notice a difference in your appearance and loving this package kit as much as I do. Great products for a great value!!!

  9. Veronica Smith

    I may have been even more skeptical, though I’m a fairly skeptical person when it comes to face creams and wrinkle reducing serums because it seems that I have tried a lot with no real results, or barely any results. I have to say that I am supremely IMPRESSED with AnteAGE MD DUO and Renewal Serum. I have only owned the product for less than a week but I have actually had almost instantaneous results.Morning and night I by apply one good sized doll up on my affected areas, being my forehead wrinkles, my laugh lines around my mouth, and under my eyes. From the FIRST time I used the product, it firmed my skin very noticeably, as well as lessened my wrinkle lines and even reduced the puffiness I get under my eyes. I do the same before I go to bed at night.After several days of continuous use I have a very noticeably smoother face, my lines around my mouth have become faint, and my forehead wrinkles have smoothed out. I have also noticed my face feels firmer and looks brighter! The consistency of the serums are not oily, and dries super fast. My husband asked if I did my makeup different (I hardly had any on!!!) so that was just the cherry on top of a great products!

  10. Gretchen McDonald

    I have been an avid sunbather for years and now it has caught up to me. I have noticed more wrinkles around my eyes than I use to have. I purchased this package after reading the reviews. I have noticed that my skin is more clearer and I have a natural glow. I have very sensitive skin and I have not had any issues with any of these products. My wrinkles have almost disappeared and I will continue to purchase for years to come.

  11. Vivan Gibbs

    I’ve been using AnteAGE MD Duo of several years now. I have had amazing results and I’ve never had such healthy skin. Now, I not only can purchase AnteAGE MD Duo but I can get several other products as well for a great price. I’ve been an Executive Member and I have loved being able to speak with Dr. Kim regarding my ante-age needs. When she suggested this package, I was amazed on all the great products that are included. What a great deal!!! I love all these products and you will to.

  12. Amy Roberts

    I have been noticing major differences in my face especially the eyes as I have aged. I might not be very old at only 30, but having a baby at 29, working two jobs and going to school as well has really been taking its toll on my looks. I’m sure it has a lot to do with stress and lack of sleep but still it has wreaked havoc around my eyes. After reading the reviews on the Eye Zone Cream and the AnteAGE MD, I figured what do I have to lose other than wrinkles and aging skin. I LOVE all the products..I noticed a huge difference in the area’s around my eyes but also how much smoother and shiny my skin is looking. recommend this product to anyone that has any type of eye wrinkle, bag, dark circle, whatever it may be, it will help you.

  13. Angela123

    I have been using the Renew Serum and Vitamin C mask for almost a year and had outstanding results. When I noticed that the AnteAGE MD Duo was included along with both of these and many other great products, I knew I had to get this kit.
    Since using my new products, the texture of my skin is softer and smoother than I can ever remember it being. I’m not a person with a lot of patience, so if I don’t see some type of results rather quickly then it will loose my interest and fall out of my daily beauty regiment. I use this faithfully everyday. Not only is the texture of my skin improving, but some of the wrinkles I have been seeing aren’t quite as obvious. I am very excited to see what will happen after 3-6 months.

  14. Charolette789

    A while back I started noticing that I looked more tired than usual – even in the middle of the day. Specifically there were dark shadows around my eyes and it seemed as though I did not get enough sleep. A few people commented on this and I began to worry if my age finally caught up with me. So, I did some research and began using some different types of skin products to get rid of this problem. I had heard of AnteAGE MD and found it to have great reviews. When I came across this great package and it included a nice discount as well.
    I’ve been using the products for weeks now and honestly I couldn’t be more impressed. It truly has made a big difference in my appearance. I’ve been getting complimented by those around me and sometimes I’ll ask people I’ve met how old they think I look and their guess is 2 or three years younger than I actually am. While again there are a great many products out there, I saw the greatest level of success with this one.

  15. Mary Ann

    I have been using all of these products for about 4 days now. I know that is not a very long time to already be leaving a review, but I can assure you it is when it comes to these product. I can see the difference around my eyes after only four days use. I’m so excited to see what a few months will bring. I am so thankful to Dr.Kim for offering a great package deal with a great discount to boot.

  16. Jordan L

    I had tried numerous other products prior to finding out about Anti-aging skin care kit. Now,…I would never use anything else. Try it every morning and at bedtime and you should see favorable result in a matter of a week. It lasts a long time and amounts used are modest. Easy to use, and no side affects.

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