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ArthroForte™ Cream, 3oz Pump

(7 customer reviews)


This soothing topical cream can be used for discomfort caused of muscles or joints. It is a wonderful compliment to our encapsulated ArthroForte™ product. Topical application provides tissue-warming and surface-cooling effects utilizing a complex and complete formulation.


A soothing, topical cream for joint and muscle discomfort

This topical cream is designed to alleviate discomfort associated with overused joints and muscles.

ArthroForte™ Cream contains clinically proven joint health compounds such as Celadrin®, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM combined with aloe vera gel, emu oil, arnica and other natural compounds known for their healing effects.
Celadrin® cream has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation with no side effects. A clinical study involving patients with osteoarthritis conducted at the University of Connecticut showed that topical application of Celadrin® cream produced improvements in the following areas:

  • Ascend/descend stairs
  • Ability to rise from sitting
  • Improved knee range of motion
  • Unilateral balance
  • Ability to walk and sit down

How Should ArthroForte™ Cream be used?
This rub on cream is a wonderful compliment to our encapsulated ArthroForte™ product. Topical application of ArthroForte Cream provides quick results with tissue-warming and surface-cooling effects while the capsules work on repairing and lubricating joints.

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Massage into skin as needed for relief. Can be repeated several times a day as desired.
This product should not be used by pregnant women.

7 reviews for ArthroForte™ Cream, 3oz Pump

  1. Bill

    ArthroForte Cream has provided a great deal of relief for my arthritic shoulders, knees and carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps me get through the day with a lot of comfort. I am 70 years old and can walk for 3 miles or bike ride for 12 miles with the help of this cream. Highly recommended.

  2. Tammy Duncan

    I have been using this for the past few months and I find it amazing. I have osteoarthritis of the knees and this helps a lot. I have recommended this to family & friends. The past few months, I have started having pain in my feet & ankles & carpal tunnel in my wrist. It helps with all of it. Love this product.

  3. Nick Boegle

    I have minor arthritis pain in my left thumb and both knees. I used it the day I received it and, in a matter of minutes, the pain was gone! I stand at work for 9-9 1/2 hours five to six days a week. There has been no pain at all. Highly recommend this cream. Thanks

  4. Neil Morse

    I’m 55 and I have had arthritis in both my thumbs for about 10 years. Kind of odd, I don’t have it anywhere else, but try not using your thumbs for a day and you’ll see the problem.I have used this product for a couple of months, it is amazing on my joint pain. I highly recommend this to everyone.

  5. Brian Furlem

    WOW!!! 1st stuff I have found that really works. I have tried them all on my knee, old injury with lots of in seconds lasts hours and I think it acutally helps it get better not just masks the pain. I am using it only once a day!!!

  6. Mrs Faye

    I have arthritis in my right foot. Sometimes a sharp pain would wake me in the middle of the night. Grocery day was miserable. It got to the point where I could not walk without a limp. I had heard AnthroForte Cream from a lady at church so I decided to try it. From the very first application I could feel the pain subside. I no longer dread grocery day or that tad of shopping we must all do at times. I am so glad I tried this stuff.. I almost never try anything from an add.. For me this has been a dream come true..

  7. Mary Jones

    The last few years I have been battling with joint pains and nothing seemed to helped until now! Thank you Dr. Kim for making my life easier.

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