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Betaine HCL, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

(10 customer reviews)


This pure 750 mg Betaine Hydrochloride tablet is designed for patients with compromised hydrochloric acid production. Ideally, Betaine HCl should be taken right before meals. Each tablet is coated with a vanillin pharmaceutical glaze because of Betaine HCl’s strong odor. It is not recommended for patients with ulcers or a history of ulcers.


regaining youth with no gi tract issues at all need to regain energy after having belly painBetaine HCL provides digestive support for individuals with low stomach acid or for those consuming a high protein diet. Delivering 750mg of betaine hydrochloride with added pepsin, this product will effectively assist the stomach in digesting proteins and absorbing key nutrients that rely on adequate stomach acid for optimal availability to the body. It is also useful for supporting a healthy microbial environment within the stomach and intestines. It helps those with heartburn and upper gastrointestinal symptoms of gas.

Betaine HCL increases natural acid and enzymes of the stomach and therefore should not be used by individuals with gastritis, ulcers, duodenitis, or conditions related to an overproduction of acid. If you have any “upper tract” GI symptoms you will never have a perfect GI tract which is symptom free without this product. If you have been on long term proton-pump-inhibitor medication you likely need this plus digestive enzymes.

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nutrition info

Members: See solutions handout for dosage information.
Non-Members: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day before a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner.
Do not take this product if you have a history of stomach ulcers or are taking medication for ulcers.

10 reviews for Betaine HCL, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. Evelynn

    I don’t know how these pills work, but they do for me. I’m surprised that my pain is gone and that I can eat without the pain of heartburn.

  2. Gwen T

    I have been taking Betaine for about a year – I love how this product helps me digest food better but does not cause heartburn- I don’t feel bloated and I think I have more energy because food is digesting faster and more completely- I take 1 tablets with each meal.

  3. Tom57

    As you age, your stomach produces less stomach acid, not more, and supplementing with Betaine HCL can really help you properly digest your food. This product is a staple at my house.

  4. Alberto Piccioni

    I take Betaine about 10-15 minutes before meal. Helps with my gas and digestion. This works well for me. Really works well for digesting problems I have after a meal. My family is thankful for this product!!!

  5. Deanna Ling

    Very good combination of digestive aids for those of us who don’t produce enough stomach acid. Totally eliminated my acid reflux issues.

  6. Heath

    I have tried everything for gas and this works the best!!! Highly recommend it for anyone that has a spouse, this will save you.

  7. Conner Hamilton

    I suffer from gas and bloating after dinner most nights. I take Betaine before each meal and the problem does not occur. I use to be embarrassed to go any where due to my issues but now I do not have to worry about gas or bloating when I am out with friends for dinner. Would highly recommend!

  8. Camren Doyt

    I have a very happy stomach now !

  9. Shawn Virgo

    I love this product! It really works for digestion and any other gas or stomach issue. In my opinion, Betaine HCL is very important if you over 40

  10. Clarice Voretta

    Really helps to digest proteins for those that have low stomach problems, great quality product.

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