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C3 Curcumin, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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C3 Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant containing three different bioactive forms of curcuminoids from the spice turmeric. This antioxidant combination has been shown to support organs like the colon, liver and heart by neutralizing damaging free radicals. The emulsifier lecithin (from sunflower) was added to increase absorption. It is useful for arthritis, brain health and more.


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curcumin benefitsCurcumin c3 Complex is a patented, unique composition of three bioactive, health-promoting curcuminoids: Curcumin, Bisdemethoxy curcumin, and Demethoxy curcumin. These are the strongest, most protective and best-researched constituents of the herb turmeric. Multiple studies show that this scientifically-extracted combination not only scavenges and neutralizes harmful existing free radicals; it also prevents their formation in the first place. These interactive antioxidants are proven to protect and strengthen vulnerable organs such as the colon, liver and heart. In addition, these standardized substances give the body powerful, natural tools to better control and diminish systemic inflammation. Systemic inflammation increases the incidence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and much more. Curcumin benefits almost every organ in the body and is recommended by all anti-aging doctors. It’s use for degenerative arthritis is becoming more and more widely known.

benefits of turmeric curcumin

You can hear Dr. Aggarwal from the Anderson Cancer Institute discussing the latest, extremely-promising curcuminoids research in his Clinical Rounds Interview, and you can go to for an in-depth, detailed look at all the best research related to curcumin.

Like many other of the most powerful antioxidants, curcuminoids are fat-soluble, so we’ve added lecithin to improve absorption; plus it’s best to take this nutrient with a meal or with our Omega Marine Fish Oil.

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Members: See solutions handout for dosage information.
Non-Members: As a dietary supplement, take 3-4 capsules twice a day with food, or as directed by your health care practitioner.

11 reviews for C3 Curcumin, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

  1. Tamera White

    This is my 1st reorder. I was so impressed with my first order – It’s close to a miracle how I feel now. spent most of the day just sitting from the pain. Now I can do so much – I even take a walk in the morning! I can cook again! I spend 2-3 hours a day gardening! I really did not want to take pain pills or those arthritis pills that they advertised with all the side effects!

  2. Katie M

    I have been taking this for a few weeks now and my arthritis pain is under control.. I am so excited not to be in all that pain.. thanks so much.

  3. Karen B

    Love this product! I used to take 800mg of ibuprofen at least twice each day to alleviate pain from carpal tunnel, hours at the computer, and joint pain from lyme disease. Taking this two time a day has ELIMINATED the need to take ibuprofen! Wonderful Product!!!!!

  4. Veronica Smith

    I was very pleased with this curcumin. After working up to 6 capsules a day I noticed considerable reduction in the pain and stiffness in my hands. The arthritis had gotten so bad I couldn’t even lift a glass without a lot of pain. I have almost full normal use of my hands now and a pain level I can deal with.

  5. Dorthy Baxter

    After reading about the anti-inflammatory properties in Curcumin, we purchased another brand. It just didn’t seem to make a difference. Then we found this brand—it is fantastic and seems to be super powerful. We are on our third bottle and this is the only brand we will buy.

  6. Ken Jackson

    I have had products like this before and they have upset my digestive tract. I am very happy with this curcumin since it has given me no problems. The dosage is small and I have less feelings of inflammation in my back and shoulders since I have been taking curcumin

  7. Tonja McDaniels

    For years, I’ve been having digestive issues that give me sever pain often leading to bowel irregularities such as constipation and even diarrhea at times. I’ve tried all sorts of things and nothing has help as much as Curcumin has. It has helped me with the pain and discomfort and I’m so grateful for that. Now, Curcumin is a part of my daily regime; a capsule after each meal does the trick for me.

  8. Wilmarie Roldan

    Pushing 60, serious knee joint pain due to injury and arthritis. Started taking this twice a day and without any other changes to diet or exercise – this product is a miracle. No more pain or inflammation, walking pain free everyday now, up to five miles a day. Amazing.

  9. Veronica Jones

    This product has dramatically effected my mother’s arthritis pain. I wasn’t expecting an immediate response but she had relief after 3 or 4 days of using this product.

  10. Roberta (verified owner)

    As part of Dr. Kim’s recommendations for an anti-inflammatory diet, I take this curcumin every day. I have arthritis in my left wrist and within a week or two of taking this, my aches and twinges went away. It works! Imagine if it takes away arthritic aches, how it must be working internally around your organs!

  11. Marlene

    I know several people who swear by circumin but I was reluctant to add anything to my daily routine without knowing that it’s safe and effective. I know that I can trust products recommended by Dr. Kim and I love the ease of ordering from the website.

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