Digestive Health Kit

The needs of your entire digestive health are covered in this kit.

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From: $224.35 $190.70All kit contents are 15% off & ship free.

These digestive health supplements will improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), heartburn, leaky gut, constipation, and diarrhea. They will improve all sorts of gas and even bloating after eating. Digestive health supplement also re-balance your GI microbiome (lower tract bacteria) to be optimal for weight loss, brain health, immune health, and even mood. Use of this kit will also improve symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. We are presuming you will get medical clearance if you have fever, blood in stools, vomiting or weight loss.

All kit contents are 15% off & ship free. Purchase of this kit comes with a special discount code to purchase other products such as skin care, whey protein powders, or appetite/metabolism control products at a 10% discount for life. This kit is not eligible for promotional offers and coupons; however, other items in your order can still receive discounts.

This kit contains:

From: $224.35 $190.70All kit contents are 15% off & ship free.

Digestive Enzymes, 90 Capsules

Take this for heartburn and to deliver better digested food to an IBS lower tract.
Learn more about Digestive Enzymes.

$34.45 $29.28

1 Month Full Detox Kit (2 Months Maintenance), 4oz

Take this to detox your lower GI tract from toxic bacteria and yeast and to detox your body from heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and more.
Learn more about our Full Detox Kit.

$118.95 $101.11

Mibiotic Supreme™, 60 caplets

Take this to normalize your lower GI tract bacteria.
Learn more about Mibiotic Supreme™.

$70.95 $60.31

GI Rejuv Powder 225g – optional

#1 best for GI lining repair (either powder or capsules).
Learn more about GI Rejuv™.

GI Rejuv Capsules, 210 Vegetarian Capsules – optional

#1 best for GI lining repair (either powder or capsules).
Learn more about GI Rejuv™.

L-Glutamine Powder, 250g – optional

A must-have supplement if you need to fix your gut due to GI tract lining disruption.
Learn more about L-Glutamine Powder.

Email Consultation – optional

Add this for a free email consultation with Dr. Kim. You may receive all of the benefits of a full email consultation or take this opportunity to simply ask Dr. Kim about the usage of your kit. This can include issues pertaining to why you need or want this kit. Dr. Kim will send you an email asking which you would prefer.
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16 reviews for Digestive Health Kit

  1. Bonnie Garbers

    I have suffered with bloating, stomach aches and constipation for years. I tried many over the counter medicines which helped the bloating somewhat but did nothing for the constipation. Until I found AgeWellSoltuions. The supplements are wonderful!!! My constipation days are over and I am finally on a regular schedule. I love the GI Tract Kit and I will continue to purchase. So thankful for it!!

  2. Amy Nonos

    The past few years my IBS has gotten really bad and has inferred with my dating life. I’m embarrassed to eat out or even at families houses due to I’m scared it will act up. I have tired many over the counter supplements but nothing worked. Since I ordered the GI Tract package, I can actually go out to eat again or even go to a friends house for dinner. I don’t have to wonder if my stomach is going to act up from what I just ate. This has been a game changer for me. I can now go out on dates and eat. I will continue to order this kit.

  3. Nicole Sherman

    I know this is quite a personal topic, but constipation and straining to have bowel movements has plagued me most of my life, since I was about 12. I was actually on a prescription powder for a while to encourage healthy bowel movements but I just hated how it made me feel so I stopped taking it. I’ve tried laxatives, stool softeners, fiber powders, fiber bars, quite literally everything. Nothing really ever seemed to work, or it worked TOO well and gave me cramping and stomach pains.I thought this was just something I’d have to deal with forever, I really didn’t expect anything when I tried this product. After the first week of using the GI Tract Kit, I was actually having daily healthy bowel movements, no straining, no cramping, no bloating. I am in AWE of the supplements. I would recommend this to anyone, it truly works.

  4. Coreen Upton

    I have been to many doctors with chronic stomach cramps and all they gave you were drugs. They were not trying to fix my issue. I began researching leaky gut and discovered Dr. Kim’s blogs. I did a live chat with her and she was able to recommend the 5-HTP and this supplement package. I have been taking them for a few weeks now and I no longer have any issues with chronic stomach pain. Thank you Dr. Kim.

  5. Howard Stanley

    This product is absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend it enough. I started taking it in hopes of improving my digestive system. After taking this for some time I noticed that my digestive system greatly improved and became regular. One of the greatest things about this is the energy I received from just feeling healthy overall. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve overall health

  6. Larry H

    I have had an immune deficiency since I was a kid.My immune system is stronger than it has been in years. Aside from that my bowels move regularly. I’m no longer constipated. My energy levels are at all new highs which I love being I have always been active in sports. I’m feeling 100% better, and would recommend this GI Tract Package to everyone.

  7. Tom Nantuckett

    I have suffered from heartburn for years. I have taken many anti-acids and nothing worked. Since I purchased the GI Tract Kit, my issues have disappeared. I have forgotten what it’s like not have heartburn.

  8. Tabatha G.

    My husband has acid re-flex and these supplements work great for him.

  9. J.H.

    Constipation is the most horrible feeling. I used to take laxatives but all that would do was cause cramping and nausea with virtually no results. These supplements have changed my mind. I now feel like a normal human being! I started taking the supplements and I have never felt better!!

  10. Mrs. Thomson

    My husband has suffered from severe flatulence. He refuses to go to the doctor about it, even though I have begged him to. So I have tried many different over the counter remedies. Most do not work at all and the ones that do never seem to work great. So he stops taking them. After taking the supplements from this package for a week, I can say THANK YOU what a difference these supplements have made.He says his stomach feels better and he can eat without worrying over what will cause the gas to be worse. If you have someone or you yourself have stomach issues and gas, you may want to try this out

  11. Bob Jenkins

    After trying dozens of products and throwing money on stomach issues, I discover GI Tract Kit. I call it my miracle kit. I am very please with the supplements. It has provided the relief I was looking for. I would definitely recommend this product.

  12. Risa LeBlanc

    Glad to have found this kit! My son is 18, and has a Gluten Intolerance and as a result has trouble going if he eats the wrong foods. I read Dr. Kim’s blog on constipation and decided to order this kit for him. It has had no adverse side effects and seems to be working well for him. I will definitely continue purchasing it for him to add to his daily routine. I would highly recommend anyone try it that might have constipation and bloating issues.

  13. Sharon DeMingo

    I am a medical professional and over the past year have been experiencing more GI symptoms like IBS. I read Dr Kim’s blogs and add this package to my daily routine. I am 100% normal now, it’s amazing the positive impact they have had on my gastrointestinal health.

  14. Paul Kirkman

    I bought the GI Tract Kit as a natural alternative vs taking Rx from my Doctor. It works great for my occasional heart burn and stomach issues.

  15. Veronica Walters

    I suffer from IBS, so I get frequent diarrhea. I have tried so many different things and it has not stopped my issue. I did a live chat with Dr. Kim and she recommended this package. It is a wonderful feeling not to have to run to the restroom due to diarrhea. I’m very pleased with the outcome and I will continue to purchase this package.

  16. Gretchen McDonald

    I am so glad I decided to order these supplements. I feel great. I am able to eat my regular meals and am finally able to use the restroom without and it is very important for me to take care of my body. I will continue purchase this GI Tract Package and I’m very glad I gave it a chance.

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