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Facial Brush

Cert Clean

(8 customer reviews)


100% natural brushes hand crafted with wood handle and vegetable fibre bristles. Granola head but fine.


Instructions For Use:
Dr. Berkowsky’s Vital Chi Skin-Brushing system is an innovative, cogent & powerful therapeutic method designed to tonify blood and lymph flow and the bioenergy or Chi meridians while simultaneously improving the skin’s health and beauty.


Moor Spa

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Face & Neck

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All Skin Types

8 reviews for Facial Brush

  1. Tammy Kirkland

    I use these practically everyday on my face. They are gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate your face but strong enough to remove the dead skin cells. I was amazed at how much softer and smoother my skin was after just one use. They eliminated my dry skin all winter and I never had to use any lotions like I usually do.

  2. Wendy Steins

    After the first use, my skin felt extremely smooth and soft. This is definitely a great deal considering the brushes are very high quality. Looking forward to see the results are a few more uses but so far I’m very satisfied with this brush.

  3. Mrs0518

    Very nice and well constructed brushes, kind of hard and the begging, just make sure you wet them with warm water before using, you will see the difference. I have been using it for 2 months and stays inside the shower, no mold signs yet. I will highly recommend it.

  4. Linda Brownston

    Very cool little brushes! They were a little course for me, but i have sensitive skin. I still use them every day and my skin has definitely benefited

  5. O.L

    My face is glowing! I use my daily cleaner and massage into my skin with the brush using circular motions. My skin feels and appears smoother and clearer

  6. Sharon k

    Not too rough, and I can really feel the difference on my skin when I use this before cleansing. Love it!!

  7. Jean D

    I am 51 and my skin is smoother and softer after just a couple of weeks with using these on my face. I don’t find them too rough. When used regularly these will make your skin feel smooth like a baby’s nether regions.

  8. Kathy

    Love this facial Brush. It leaves my face so clean n fresh. Gets all the dirt n makeup out of pores. . Best facial’t. go wrong with a natural brush . Highly recommended!

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