Memory Supplements Kit

Prevent memory loss, loss of concentration, and more!

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$306.75 $260.74All kit contents are 15% off & ship free.

These amazing memory supplements actually  have multiple brain health functions as well as other health functions which are discussed all through this website. We assume you are taking omega-3 rich fish oils unless you are on anticoagulants as well as Vitamin D, melatonin, and pre-probiotics. BDNF is the vital brain derived neurotrophic factor, which is discussed at length in this brain health article. Of course our memory supplements increase this brain cell growth factor. This is a collection of our best brain supplements which are memory supplements as well as supplements which increase cognition, speed of thought, concentration and more.

Note: If you have memory loss, please see your doctor. If your doctor rules out treatable causes, please be in touch with Dr.Kim  who is one of the nation’s leading brain health experts.

All kit contents are 15% off & ship free. Purchase of this kit comes with a special discount code to purchase other products such as skin care, whey protein powders, or appetite/metabolism control products at a 10% discount for life. This kit is not eligible for promotional offers and coupons; however, other items in your order can still receive discounts.

This kit contains:

$306.75 $260.74All kit contents are 15% off & ship free.

C3 Curcumin, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Take this to increase BDNF, sprout neural stem cells, and dissolve amyloid proteins. Neuroprotective.
Learn more about C3 Curcumin.

$40.75 $34.64

EGCg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Take this to increase BDNF, improve memory, and improve concentration. Neuroprotective.
Learn more about EGCg.

$20.75 $17.64

7-Keto®, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Take this to boost your immune system and overall brain health. Stimulates neural stem cell proliferation and connections. Improves memory.
Learn more about 7-Keto®.

$60.45 $51.38

Mag-CNS, Magnesium Threonate, 90 Vegetarian Capsules

This is the best mineral to support all cognitive activities and the only form of magnesium that crosses the blood-brain barrier.
Learn more about Mag-CNS.

$52.95 $45.01

Resveratrol Complex, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Take this to boost BDNF. This supplement is the strongest BDNF booster, with many other health benefits.
Learn more about Resveratrol Complex.

$49.95 $42.46

GPC (Alpha GlyceroPhosphoCholine), 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Dr. Kim's favorite. Take this to increase neural transmission speed, neuroprotection, and memory improvement.
Learn more about GPC.

$60.45 $51.38

Better B Complex, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

This power-packed B vitamin complex capsule contains the B's for your body and your brain. The B vitamins in this formula have been shown in clinical studies to increase concentration, memory, overall focus, and even mood.
Learn more about Better B Complex.

$21.45 $18.23

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18 reviews for Memory Supplements Kit

  1. Walter S.

    I started working a new job a few months ago after 20 yrs with the same company. At age 52, I wasn’t catching on as quickly as I’d hoped, I felt my learning and retaining what I was learning was foggy and unclear. I decided to give Brain Health kit a try. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks and I’ve actually noticed a difference at work, things are clicking and making sense now. I no longer feel like my brain is in a fog, and I’ve noticed I have more energy throughout the day. I look forward to going to work now!

  2. Aaron White

    The brain health supplements have just the right amount of each ingredient to naturally increase and support memory, focus and clarity. My concentration is not what it used to be. As I have gotten older I have had some memory issues and problems focusing at the task at hand. After just a days I can see a huge improvements!!!! I am starting to remember details more accurately and not having to find a piece of paper to write everything down. I have been more alert and able to concentrate without daydreaming.I wish I would have found the miracle kit sooner. Thank you Dr. Kim.

  3. Margaret Stetson

    The supplements have helped to boost my memory, focus, and clarity. I suffer from ADD and I have tried everything including expensive prescriptions. I’ve noticed such a difference in my thinking and how I feel in general. These supplements have made such a change in my daily life. I currently go to school and I have been able to stay focused and not be distracted by a hundred different things. I will continue to order this brain health kit. It has made such an improvement in my memory retention.

  4. Natasha Green

    I used to walk into a room and forget what I walked in their for. I knew that I went in their to get something but could never recall exactly what. So, I would walk out of the room hoping to remember maybe what it was but 50% of the time it never worked. I decided to try this supplement kit since I was having a hard time focusing and concentrating on my school work and getting tasks done. I was starting to procrastinate on getting things done because once I got around to doing it, it was hard for me to complete it. Since taking the supplements for almost two weeks, I noticed that my brain is not foggy as it was prior to taking this and I am able to concentrate on completing tasks and school work which was greatly needed. And, I no longer walk in a room and then forget why I walked in there. These supplements have helped improve my memory!!!

  5. Matt Kramer

    I have noticed over the last few years that I get distracted easier than I used to and I tend to forget things a lot more often than I used too. My wife was getting irritated with me a lot for forgetting to pick something up from the store that she asked me for, but I didn’t write it on the list so I inevitably ended up forgetting. So I started looking into different supplements. A friend told me about the Brain Health Kit so I read several of the reviews and it sounded promising. I have been taking the supplements for several months now and I’ve notice how much clearer my concentration and my memory has improved drastically. I highly recommend this to everyone that is having issues remembering.

  6. David Kelly

    I get so forgetful as I age. Of course, that is a sign that my brain is declining and I need all the help I could from supplements. So I decided I need the help of science to slow down the memory aging process and give my brain a boost. I see an improvement in my brain functions after taking these pills for a couple days. I can recall memories easier, more alert. I realized I was no longer pausing mid-sentence to search for the word I needed or recall an event of how it actually happened. My abilities to call facts have improved quite a bit.The supplements are easy to take as well, they’re not using giant horse pills so not hard to swallow. I’m thankful for finding a great value in supplements that I can continue taking to improve my brain functions.

  7. Brenda Ferchak

    I am one of those people with a bad short term memory. I constantly lose things, forget what I was doing, etc. It’s frustrating when you have a goal or a mission that you want to complete but have to keep starting over because you have to take breaks in between. I use to be able to stay focused and have the mental stamina to work on a project for hours at a time, but the older I’ve gotten it seems I’ve lost that ability. As much as I get easily distracted and lose track of what I am doing, I was in desperate need of a solution.
    I was doing research trying to find help when I came across AgeWellSolutions. All I can say about this company is: I’m so blessed to have found assistance. The Brain Health package supplements have helped me to regain mental clarity and stay focused for hours at a time without being distracted. I’m now able to concentrate on the task at hand without second guessing myself. I am more energetic and not as lethargic as I was before. I even feel more socially active in and outside of work which is a huge benefit. I am starting too see that I am better organized able to do my work efficiently unlike before. I love being able to increase my workload and accomplish more without struggling like I use to.Anyone who is looking to improve their memory, mental focus, creativity and enhance your mood, this is exactly what you need. If it worked for me, believe me, if can definitely work for you.

  8. Fred Rippas

    I’m always looking to improve my mental performance and concentration and I’ve tried many supplements but I’ve been seriously impressed with how well these great little capsules perform. After taking them I feel a big boost in focus, concentration, alertness, and memory.These powerful ingredients in these supplements really work well together and help ensure optimal brain function when it’s needed most. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural way to boost focus, concentration, memory, and alertness.

  9. April Weiss

    I work a lot of hours at work and have noticed that I’ve been doing stupid stuff like trying to back up my car in drive or I would forget where I even parked my car. My concentration had become very minimal and I feel like I am always in a brain fog. Once I started taking the supplements in this kit, I was felt like someone had turned the light on that was slowing burning out over my head. I am so thankful for being able to think clearly again and to be able to remember where I parked my car. I am a customer for life.

  10. Dorthy Baxter

    I have problems with my memory and it’s becoming very obvious to my family. At first, I would just make a joke about it but now I have become concerned. I started to think was I losing my mind or was there a way to fix my issues. Thankfully, I discovered the Brain Health kit!!! I’ve been taking the supplements for about a week and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my mental retention. Pills are easy to swallow with no after taste. My memory is starting to become more consistent like the old me and I WILL continue to take this great package.

  11. Calvin Burgess

    I’ve been taking these supplements for about a week and I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my mental retention. The pills are easy to swallow with no after taste. I’m thinking more clearly!!!

  12. Samantha H

    I’ve tried a number of other products to help increase my concentration, but only a few have helped. In the last few years memory has also become a problem. I got this supplement package based on the reviews to help increase my concentration and ability to stay on task. Since taking the supplements, I am able to stay on task and get a good deal accomplished of my list of daily tasks, be that mental or physical tasks. My thinking was clear, not foggy (like some “brain” formulations had caused) and my physical endurance and strength seemed to have also increased a bit as well. I know longer feel more like the old me. I will continue to use these supplements, it has improved my ability to concentrate and has improved my memory.

  13. Bill

    I have been taking the supplements daily for nearly a week, and I can honestly say that I noticed a huge difference in my mental clarity since day 1! I added them to my daily supplement regiments in hopes of improving my focus at work, and it’s been really effective. My short and long term memory both seem to be improved, and my work is completed quicker. I am pleasantly surprised to say that this product really works for me, and has a noticeable and measurable positive impact on my day to day life!

  14. Lori Kramer

    As a college student I was looking for something to help me stay focused and improve my memory during study sessions and then during exams. Prior to ordering the Brain Health Kit, I was taking the Mag-CNS and I had noticed that it was increasing my memory but I was also getting a better nights rest. When I found that this was being offered in a package at a great value I chose to order it. Once I started taking the supplements as directed, I instantly noticed that I had no trouble staying focused during the exam and had no issue remembering everything I had studied and even only skimmed through the night before. I really liked how, regardless of my nerves, I was able to stay mentally calm throughout the exam. I do highly recommend this brand because as I have mentioned before… I have tried other things from AgeWellSolutions and they have worked perfectly for me.

  15. Mariela123

    I’m in my late 40’s and probably in the beginning stages of peri-menopause. I’ve read that memory issues often occur during this period. Sometimes I have difficulties remembering a particular word. I’m not talking about difficult vocabulary here, sometimes it just simple, everyday words. They always come to me a little later, but it is so annoying! Since I’ve been taking this supplement, I’ve noticed that I’m not having those moments as frequently. Another thing I’ve noticed is that my mind doesn’t stray as much. I often jump from thought to thought, but not as much since I’ve been taking these. I decided to try these supplements out and have been pleasantly surprised. I have noticed that I am having an easier time with arranging my thoughts and remembering all of the tasks I need to complete throughout the day. Very happy with this product and intend on implementing all the supplements in my daily routine. It’s definitely helping with my ability to focus and this package is a great value as well.

  16. Wendy Stetson

    If you are over 45, you know your memory just isn’t what it use to be. I really wish I would have recorded more things my child said that I thought I would remember forever….well, aging sucks, and you just don’t! Feels more like I have cotton between my thoughts!! Well, this supplement package can help your memory!! It has so many things proven to improve memory! I feel less foggy and more alert.I just overall feel better, like I am happier.I am very happy with this supplement package, and look forward to seeing how well it works the longer I take it!

  17. Frank Bessenger

    I have noticed a difference in my mental clarity and energy in the mornings, after taking the supplements. At first it was not obvious, but after two days I can say that it definitely helps me stay focused at work. I was constantly feeling tired in the mornings, but not anymore!!! I am able to stay focused and get the job done. I would recommend this to a co-worker who has been having issues with her memory as well.

  18. Joan Kessler

    Nothing beats a good mindset that can last all day, and what’s even better is that I enhanced that by taking these supplements. Everyone at work comments on how I never use sticky notes on my desktop and I just shrug them off. There’s no need for sticky notes if I am able to remember everything I had to do for the day. When they ask me how I maintain such a great memory, I told them about Dr Kim’s brain health kit that I have been taking for several months. I’ve had an increase in energy and focus. Easy to take supplements and a noticeable difference in how I think more clearly.

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