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SitoBar™ Chocolate Coated, Case of 18

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SitoBars™ are delicious nutrition bars designed to provide a healthy snack food for optimizing the intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and micronutrients. They contain no artificial sweeteners, but include natural ones such as xylitol, maltitol, and erythritol. All SitoBars™ are Kosher certified and free of gluten, fructose, sucrose, soy protein, and hydrogenated oils. SitoBar™ Chocolate Coated has a protein base of whey/rice protein concentrate and features omega-3 fish oils, L-Glutamine, and Phosphatidyl Choline. This bar also contains prebiotic fiber and additional healthy fats from almond butter and coconut oil.


SitoBars™ are much more than just energy bars. They are delicious, fructose-free snack bars that boast nutritious whey, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, glutamine, phosphatidyl choline and antioxidants for immune support and quick, satisfying nutrition. SitoBars™ are uniquely formulated with beneficial fats from almonds, almond butter, and coconut oil.

  • Promotes formation of anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and anti-vasoconstrictive actions through DHA, EPA, GLA and olive oil
  • Supports the body’s immune function and autoimmune response with natural compounds found in nature from glutamine, omega 3 fatty acids and glutathione
  • Improves blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity with a low carbohydrate load and prebiotic sweeteners like maltitol and xylitol that have minimal blood glucose effects.
  • High antioxidant power from green tea extract, elderberry and rosemary extract

There is no need to feel guilty about eating chocolate anymore! SitoBar™ is the high quality, health promoting snack/meal replacement that can be very beneficial in the implementation of a successful low-carbohydrate eating plan. SitoBar™ is great tasting, low in net carbohydrates, rich in omega-3 and coconut oils, and contains phosphatidylcholine and covalent bonded glutamine. SitoBar™ is made with exceptional quality whey protein rich in immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. SitoBar™ is also fructose, sugar, and artificial sweetener free. This product is Kosher.

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nutrition info

Serving Size: 1 bar (42g)
Servings Per Container: 18
Conversion of maltitol, and erythritol (the sugar alcohol portion of carbohydrates in this product) and glycerine requires little or no insulin and does not cause a significant increase in serum glucose levels. However, people with diabetes should consult their physician or health professional about including sugar alcohols and glycerine in their daily diet. Glycerine is counted as a carbohydrate in all SitoBars.
Allergen Information: Contains almonds, coconut oil and peanuts.
Made in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs and wheat.

5 reviews for SitoBar™ Chocolate Coated, Case of 18

  1. Rob Hutchinson

    My brother is a personal trainer and turned me on to these bars about a three months ago. He has tried countless different protein bars and told me that these are the best on the market, not only for the nutritional value, but also for taste. He’s absolutely right. These bars are delicious and perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time for breakfast. It’s high in protein and fiber and low in sugar. For anyone working out or just trying to stay healthy, you need to buy these.

  2. Mike G

    I’ve been ordering these for over a year now. I love the taste of this protein bars, but the nutrient content and low sugar is a clincher for me. This particular SitoBar is one of my favorite due to all the “good stuff” that is of great benefit in keeping me healthy and feeling good. Would highly recommend these.

  3. Amanda Tomsley

    This high protein, low carb, high fiber energy bar is tasty and perfect for getting through hunger bouts. I’ve been using these for months and keep them at home, in my car and at the office. I generally eat one each day to get me through mid-afternoon hunger. They are a helpful addition to my effort to keep my body lean and fit in my mid-fifties.

  4. GHK

    I really love these SitoBar chocolate protein bars. They give you that taste of chocolate with less calories and they are pretty good size. So they are tasty, less calories, fill you up and a good amount of protein.

  5. William Auto

    Hands down the best tasting and most satisfying energy bar I’ve ever experienced…Great snack when out on the golf course, biking or at work. I do a lot of driving for my job and have turned a few of my work peers on to Promax LS as well

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