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Spice Deodorant

Cert Clean

(8 customer reviews)


These aluminum-free deodorants contain natural anti-bacterial and drying agents to keep you feeling fresh.


Instructions For Use:
Apply evenly and liberally once or twice daily as necessary.


Moor Spa

Focus Area



Hypoallergenic, Non-Comedogenic, Organic

Skin Type

All Skin Types

Calcium Oxide
Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCI
Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate
Xanthan Gum
Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus Gum
Boswelia Thurifera Oil
Jasminum Sambac Oil
Cinnamomum Cassia Oil

8 reviews for Spice Deodorant

  1. Ray Groll

    It works, keeps me from smelling the opposite of a barnyard on those hot days or post-shower while cooling down after a good gym workout, and hardly ever needs to be reapplied thereafter like some other brands I’ve used (the main criteria I consider with a deodorant/antiperspirant). My biggest criticism of a solid stick was the typical white crud left in the underarms, but there’s really not much residue to consider (my shirts can vouch for this). Because of this product, I can thankfully avoid sprays and will never try another disgusting gel stick again.

  2. Lori Kramer

    I know it is just deodorant, but it is my favorite brand and scent. I have never had any problems with odor or wetness while using this deodorant.

  3. Frank Bessenger

    This product just works! Doesn’t mark up my clothes, doesn’t sting, keeps me dry all day.

  4. Gracie McMullins

    Received exactly that I was looking for… My favorite deodorant at an affordable price. This was shipped quickly, and was everything I expected. I will surely be purchasing once again. This deodorant is long-lasting and strong enough for a man to use. My husband has commented on how well this works for him as well. Great product/

  5. Holly Vandiver

    My favorite deodorant since it has come out. No complaints! Leaves skin soft, love the scent!

  6. Emma Perry

    Good Price and The only deodorant I buy repeatedly. It has a great smell. My husband and I share it and I love how it smells on him.

  7. Noreen Davis

    What else needs to be said? You’ll come away smelling like kittens and happiness and not like BO. I’ve got one at work, one at home and one in the car. Go for it!

  8. Amber Zinger

    Absolutely a fabulous product! I play soft ball and work out almost every day. I decided that I will no longer buy deodorants with chemicals ever again. No staining on my underarms when wearing white shirts and no odor!!!! I bought one and already ordered a 3 pack. It lasts a long time…still on my first one.

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