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NOTE: Dr. Kim not only sleeps on this as her favorite pillow, but has the travel size for travel! She calls it her “perfect pillow”. So do most of her patients!

regain energyZ™ Talalay Latex pillows are created through an eco-friendly manufacturing process using latex derived from sustainable rubber trees. The milky sap tapped from these tropical trees is whipped, poured into a mold, chilled, and finally heated to set the unique foam consistency. The zoned technology combines comfort and support by way of a pin-core design configured to cradle your head while providing your neck and shoulders with needed support. Due to its proprietary production process, Talalay is the most resilient and consistent latex.

Z™ Talalay Latex instantly conforms to your body movements, providing the most consistent support. Unlike traditional pillow materials, Z™ Talalay Latex is resilient, maintains its original form and never needs fluffing. Talalay latex is breathable and helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Latex is naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant making it one of the most hypoallergenic and comfortable pillows available.

People have different body types and varying preferences. As such, Z Talalay latex pillows are available in king, queen and standard sizes, high and low profiles, and firm and plush densities.

best sleeping aidneed help falling asleepWhile having this incredible pillow will not usually solve all of your sleep issues, one thing is for sure-sleep “environment” including pillow and sheets are of utmost importance. If you find that this pillow doesn’t “do it all” we are not surprised as perfect sleep is so multi-factorial.

To really figure out what you might need as the best sleep aid for you, you need to figure out if you need help falling asleep, staying asleep or both. If it’s both and especially if you wake up feeling “unrefreshed” the answer to your question “do I have insomnia” would be YES. And sometimes it’s all better with a great pillow like this!


Standard 25" x 16", Queen 29" x 16", King 36" x 16"

Firmness & Height

High Plush – 7" Loft (conforms well to head/neck #1 best-seller), Low Firm – 4.5" Loft (#1 best seller for stomach sleepers)

19 reviews for Zoned Talalay Latex Pillow

  1. Michael Grainger

    I’m always buying new pillows and then buying more because they aren’t comfortable. These are keepers. I have a chronic pinched nerve in my neck so I need something that forms to the shape I need and also offers support. This pillow does it. Looked for ages for something like these.

  2. James Bardy

    Bought this pillow based on all the great reviews. I’ve had this pillow for one month now, I’m a believer! I used to get neck cramps about once every week or two. Since using this pillow, I haven’t had a single neck cramp. My sleep is so much more sound and I’m dreaming again. No constantly trying to adjust the pillow or waking up uncomfortable. The pillow is cool and always “just right. Highly highly recommend!

  3. Brandon Washington

    I sleep every which way and love an ultra-low-loft pillow for every position. Normally, I sleep on all the used pillows in the house because all the loft has been slept out of them; but three weeks ago I bought the Malouf® Z® Talalay Latex low loft pillow and I love it! Now, I’m trying to fight everyone in the house off of it. I guess it’s time for several more.

    A few things to know about this pillow. It’s really springy and rebounds to its original shape almost instantly. It’s really soft, but also has a twinge of firmness at the bottom when its at full compression beneath my neck and head. I’ve not noticed any smell, and I love the velour pillow case. Overall, I’m not sure how I’d ever go back to a stuffed pillow again in my life.

  4. Matthew Gregory

    I’m 6’, 150 lbs. I mostly sleep on my side and sometimes on my back. I use the high loft, standard size.

    This pillow is fantastic for me because of both the height and the plushness. It breathes really well and doesn’t hurt my ear as some other pillows do. I also like how light and springy it is compared to memory foam. The main reason why this pillow is worth buying is the fact that it never goes flat. After months it still feels the same as day one. Great item for sure.

  5. Dave H.

    I got this pillow several months ago and at first thought this pillow is going to feel to springy. However, this is a much better and softer latex pillow than I have ever felt. It is still springy enough so that I dont sink into the pillow and get hot like memory foam, but it is literally cloud like and provides perfect neck support for ideal spinal alignment. Every other pillow out there varies in height and ends up with back pain and inconsistent nights sleep. This pillow has stayed the same and will be the same shape and size for years. Spend the money you will never go back to any other pillow ever!

  6. Jeannie Franklin

    I was very skeptical about this pillow because it was going to be for my husband and he is always hot and bothered by pillows. He has tried all types of pillows and nothing he used he likes, except this pillow… Firm but breaths very well, he does not want to change his pillow ever again. I try to fool him once but did not work! he caught me right on the spot. He says he loves it and is giving him the best nights of sleep. Happy husband happy wife!

  7. Katey B

    This is a terrific pillow, just not for me. This redefines the definition of soft. When you put your head on this pillow, it ends up touching the mattress. This pillow is plush, luxurious, and beautiful, if you like a soft pillow I would definitely recommend it.

  8. Jeff

    I am a stomach sleeper and never really got the results wanted from original down pillows and honestly didn’t know that there was anything better out there. I have since purchased a low loft firm Latex pillow and sleep so much better. The latex gives the support I need with instant rebound when I roll over so my head stays right where I move it to. If you want to get a better nights sleep give these pillows a try!

  9. Randy Jones

    Amazing great quality pillow! Very comfortable latex pillow , being used as a Top pillow above another classic brands firm pillow,
    Quality made very professionally, No odor at all, not deflated at all
    Very delighted will buy another soon!!! Great high quality pillow manufacture .

  10. Muriel Bondsman

    A great pillow, one of the best I have tried. Just the right balance of softness and support for me. I sleep mostly on my back and side. Very happy.

  11. Brian

    I haven’t been sleeping well on my back for a number of years and have tried pillow after pillow in order to remedy this. I would always wake up in a drastically different position than I fell asleep in. After getting the King size pillow, I began to rest easily, waking up in the same position with a feeling of full rest. It’s very refreshing being able to wake up without wondering if you’ll wind up with a sore neck from an uncomfortable sleep.

  12. Richard Montana

    This pillow is very lightweight but amazingly supportive and soft. I had been having trouble with all sorts of pillows. Some would lose their fluffiness and hurt my neck, some were supportive but too hard and hurt my ear. This pillow is a dream come true.

  13. GH1959

    It’s like sleeping on a cloud.

  14. Jenn Wren

    These Talalay Latex pillows, foam firm-support, are great for asthmatics, and provides superb comfort and support, even for those in pain who have had neck/back surgery. You get what you pay for, and these are worth every penny. I used to be a cheapskate with my pillows, and they needed to be replaced frequently, thus undoing my supposed savings. After trying one of these , I’m never going back. Highly recommended!

  15. Betty Shaw

    A lovely pillow, substantial with all the softness expected of a latex pillow. Perforated, so it stays pleasantly cool throughout the night.Just the right amount of springiness. After replacing my old latex pillow with this one, I was reminded immediately why I switched to latex in the first place. I unboxed it, slipped on a fresh case and took a nap with it immediately.

  16. Jake N

    I’ve tried a lot of pillows at home, in hotels or in a store and this one is THE best. I’ve had this pillow (actually purchased a it more than once) for almost 4 years and tried several others but I always go back to this one. In addition, I got it for my wife and son who use it nightly and several neighbors now use it.

    The thing I like the most is that it’s very soft but supports well. Some pillows loose their loft overtime but this one stays the same for years.

  17. Houston

    It took a little getting used to but now it’s my absolute favorite pillow. The springiness of the latex is amazing—it gives me great support and conforms instantly as I change positions. The zoning allows for great airflow so my head never gets too hot. It’s perfect!

  18. Thomas F.

    I have had challenges getting comfortable when sleeping and have tried many different pillows with little difference. Then I found this pillow! What a difference!! Great in contouring to my head no matter what position I sleep in and no added pressure that I felt with other pillows. Definitely recommend trying it out if not happy with your current pillows…or maybe even if you are! Even ordered a 2nd one for my wife who also loves it!

  19. Roberta (verified owner)

    I sleep on my side and began noticing that I was waking up with a stiff neck and shoulder pain. After reading Dr. Kim’s blog about sleep, I realized I hadn’t bought a new pillow in years. I gave this pillow and try and loved it’s! Within a week or so my pain was gone and I stopped tossing and turning to get comfortable. My husband noticed that my sleep had improved so I bought the same pillow for him. Greatest purchase ever! We love our new pillows.

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