What’s Better Than Visiting Your Doctor?

Visiting an online doctor. 

Dr. Kim, Top Anti Aging DoctoreConsults give you more freedom and total access to a top anti-aging doctor, internist and specialist in regenerative medicine without leaving your home!

If you care about your health and longevity, it’s imperative to ‘see’ a doctor when you’re sick as well as for well-visits.

However, oftentimes you’re dealing with various inconveniences in that process including being on hold for who knows how long waiting to schedule your appointment, then finding a date that works for both you AND your doctor’s schedule, and finally driving to your doctor’s office, which involves time, gas, and wear and tear on your car.

You can avoid ALL of those hassles starting today!

Conveniently access Kim Crawford, MD (or ‘Dr. Kim’, as her patients call her) via eConsult by phone or email.

  • No long waits to see the doctor
  • No hassles
  • No dealing with rude receptionists
  • No traveling (saving you time and money!)
  • No stress or inconvenience

Looking for Esthetic advice couldn’t be easier!

Dr. Kim has dozens of celebrity clients who count on her to help them look and feel younger. If you’re considering ways to enhance your appearance or have firm, radiant skin, simply send a picture of your area of concern(s) to Dr. Kim via email, and receive a follow up consult via email. It’s that simple.

your online doctor - Dr. Kim
“Dr. Kim Crawford quickly figured out that I had adrenal fatigue causing my belly fat and tiredness and recommended exactly what I needed.”
– Lisa Reiming, Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Dr. Kim identified my stress-driven eating patterns and sent me a diet plan and with links to exactly the products I needed to stop my bingeing – I finally achieved my weight loss goals!”
– Mary Caitlin, Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Crawford helped me get healthy – plain and simple.”
– Juan Postado, Houston, TX

Annual Consultation Services

Continue your online doctor consultation relationship with Dr. Kim

May also be done without consultation if desired.

Only $162.50 (w/ an online doctor consultation package) for the entire year
Unlimited emails to Dr. Kim
Private 30 minute one-on-one call with Dr. Kim
Unlimited on-demand health webinars
Interested in being an in-office patient?

If you live in the south Florida area or will be visiting in the near future, you can see Dr. Kim in her Melbourne Beach office. Learn more at her medical practice website.

Premium Hand Picked Health Kits

Have a health ailment or issue and not sure what to do… or what to buy… or even where to buy it?

No worries, no problem. Dr. Kim has taken the guess work out for you!

Using her more than 30 years of medical experience and listening to patient feedback, Dr. Kim has created premium health and anti-aging kits just for you. She’s used a stringent criteria — looking at quality, ingredients, certified non-GMO/organic, and a list of other factors – and then hand-picked only the best of the best products… saving you time and money.

Best of all of Dr. Kim’s products are backed 100% by her AgeWell Solutions Product Guarantee so you can have peace of mind when trying them.

When you buy any of Dr. Kim’s premium health kits, immediately received 15-20% off PLUS you’ll receive a 10% Lifetime discount after purchase AND optional free consultation AND 75% off annual services.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all the premium health kids now! Click the below for details:

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Anti Aging Skin Care Kit

Arthritis Pain Relief Kit
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