Fasting for weight loss, weight maintenance, brain function and more!

Fasting done correctly is great for weight control and health: Fasting is the new no-fad (fad=essentially no science, non-fab=big science)  wave sweeping the anti-aging community. Why am I always showing you my three collies in many of my blogs? Because it HIT me that they DO what I’m advocating….they are FASTING from breakfast to dinner… Read More »

foods that reduce inflammation

10 Foods that reduce inflammation -7 herbs too!

Foods that reduce inflammation: First of all I HOPE you are reading other parts of this website and blog and know you need to eat and anti-inflammatory diet filled with foods that reduce inflammation for good health, right? So I’ll make this not about the whole diet plan, but specifically about what you clicked on… Read More »

oxidative stress

Oxidative stress -bet you have it! Here is a perfect way to fix it!

Oxidative stress-know what it is? Betcha have it! Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. I WILL explain what this means. Oxidative stress (often called OS) is what happens when your body does… Read More »

peripheral vascular disease

Help for peripheral vascular disease

What is Peripheral Vascular Disease? Peripheral vascular disease is a disorder of circulation which affects brain blood vessels other than the heart or brain. Peripheral vascular disease most commonly hits the arteries in the legs. However it can affect the circulation in the arms as well. And it can affect veins, too. In peripheral vascular… Read More »

immune system

Immune system- 10 ways to boost yours’ +reasons why from colds to cancer

Without a strong immune system, you WILL not remain healthy as you age Boosting your immune system is not that hard so why don’t people think about it? Perhaps, it is because most Doctors fail to explain why a healthy immune system is crucial for health. To begin, it starts with eating correctly. Why and… Read More »

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