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The latest recommendations to stay healthy and active til you’re 100

What’s a healthy lifestyle? Every time I write a “what’s new” type of article, I hope the reader is up to speed with a basic healthy lifestyle and has healthy habits for eating, exercise, and sleep. These are the real basics. Everyone wants to live a life absent from disease and frailty, a new term… Read More »

Define epigenetics

How to Define Epigenetics and Apply the Health Benefits

Defining Epigenetics What is epigenetics? It’s the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. I’ll explain what genes are in detail, but start by knowing genes contain your DNA, and your DNA contains the “instructions” for cellular expression in your body. This article will review: Epigenetics in Cells, DNA, DNA sequences,… Read More »

what is oxidative stress

Quiz for Oxidative stress

Why take this quiz? Put briefly and simply- oxidative stress and inflammation are the two major reasons we get disease and age more rapidly. One worsens the other and they both are treatable. Oxidative stress is poorly understood by many doctors, but studies showing that, for example, only small, dense “oxidized” LDL particles stick to… Read More »

how to be healthy

9 Secrets On How To Become Healthy and Stay Healthy

How to be Healthy: Introduction Telomeres are specialized structures at the ends of linear chromosomes. In some studies, length is related to diseases such as cancer, and in others, length is related to longevity. Longer is always better. If we start with the premise that oxidative stress and inflammation cause shorter telomeres, then perhaps we… Read More »

what are antioxidants

The 20 Tastiest Foods High in Antioxidants

Introduction to Antioxidants Before we discuss the benefits of eating foods high in antioxidants, let’s consider a couple of basic things first: What are antioxidants? What are the benefits of antioxidants? Can you eat enough for optimal health? If so, what is the most scrumptious way for you to get these important vitamins? So, let’s… Read More »

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