ketogenic diet health benefits

What Everyone (seriously) Needs to know about Ketogenic Diet Health Benefits

Introduction Have you recently been diagnosed with a fatiguing illness, a neurological illness or a metabolic illness? If yes, and if your doctor is up to date, I am sure he/she has recommended nutritional ketosis. Indeed, we are all learning more and more about ketogenic diet health benefits. If you’ve heard that nutritional ketosis is great… Read More »

best way to do high intensity interval training

The Best Way to do High Intensity Interval Training

Why all the fuss about high intensity interval training? Have you heard of HIIT? Better yet, have you experienced a HIIT workout? Did you know researchers have been seeking the best way to do high intensity interval training for nearly a decade? The goal and the findings have been more than expected. I’m assuming that… Read More »

ways to improve mitochondrial function

4 complete ways to improve mitochondrial function

Introduction to our body’s energy factories: I am so very excited to share the many ways to improve mitochondrial function with you. First, let’s make sure you are well versed in exactly what mitochondria are, and what causes their dysfunction. Loosely translated, what actually necessitates even bothering to know “this stuff?” As you’ll see in… Read More »

ways to do intermittent fasting

The 4 best ways to do intermittent fasting for weight loss, longevity and health

Intermittent Fasting done correctly is great for weight control and health: Before I go into the ways to do intermittent fasting, let me chat with you about why you might like to incorporate this practice into your life. Fasting is the established non-fad (fad=essentially no science, non-fad=big science) wave sweeping the anti-aging community. But why… Read More »

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