ways to do intermittent fasting

The 4 best ways to do intermittent fasting for weight loss, longevity and health

Intermittent Fasting done correctly is great for weight control and health: Before I go into the ways to do intermittent fasting, let me chat with you about why you might like to incorporate this practice into your life. Fasting is the established non-fad (fad=essentially no science, non-fad=big science) wave sweeping the anti-aging community. But why… Read More »

best energy supplements

Supplements for energy that will pep you up without frying your adrenals

Energy boosting supplements to help you avoid adrenal fatigue! Supplements for energy include everything from herbs that help your adrenal glands produce less toxic cortisol to products that give you a quick “boost” you then pay for later. How do you pay for it and what am I talking about here? If you’re in the… Read More »

natural energy supplements

Natural Energy Supplements but first-4 energy amping tricks!

Natural Energy Supplements and four important behavioral tricks Do you feel at the end of the day you just don’t have enough energy to keep going? How about the middle of the day? Do you often feel that you are “out of gas?” There are many reasons you may feel this way. At the same… Read More »

adrenal fatigue diet

Adrenal fatigue diet to combine with the proper supplements- you need both

The Adrenal Fatigue Diet Plan – an effective and healthy way to help heal adrenal fatigue Any diet for a healthy lifestyle is similar to the basic adrenal fatigue diet. Regular meals comprised of high-quality, nutritious foods are extremely important to help maintain proper adrenal function and keep blood sugar levels stable. The foods we… Read More »

adrenal fatigue supplements

Dr Kim’s ultimate guide to adrenal fatigue supplements and more

What are adrenal fatigue supplements? Before I dive right into adrenal fatigue supplements I’ll do a quick review of adrenal fatigue itself. What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is basically a burn-out. You feel drained and short on energy reserves all day. You experience sleep interruptions and when you awaken you don’t feel refreshed. Also,… Read More »

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