Lifeline Stem Cell Skincare rocks! Lifeline stem cell skincare is absolutely the only skincare line that utilizes non-mesenchymal (adult) and non-embryonic stem cell extracts. And it utilizes these cells in a very unique way which I’ll totally explain at the end. I want to give you the science behind these amazing products and will do… Read More »

side effects of menopause


What do I mean by side effects of menopause? Side effects of menopause are the things that are not popularized like hot flushes (the correct name for hot flashes), loss of bone mass and increased risk of heart disease. You know about this stuff, right? Mom or magazines told you the hot flushes would go away.… Read More »

lifeline proplus


Lifeline Proplus rocks! The first thing to point out is I was introduced to the Lifeline Proplus products several months ago. Immediately, I had a dilemma. To explain, I was selling a stem cell skincare product which was pretty good. So, I had spent two years talking it up everywhere. In short, it worked and,… Read More »

turmeric benefits for skin


Turmeric benefits for skin are not limited to making topical masks! I almost can’t believe my eyes that in my search for the uses of turmeric benefits for skin I have only found items limited to topical use. Turmeric, AKA curcumin if you want the active stuff, is more effective taken orally than topically. That… Read More »

how to look young


How to look young forever without plastic surgery: Top 3 Questions: How to look young forever? How long is forever? How young do you want to look? If you are realistic and don’t expect to look 30 when you are 60, the technology of “appearance science” is evolving to where it’s all about the right… Read More »

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