What everyone needs to know about the sirtfood diet plan

What’s the history of the sirtfood diet plan? When I started writing this article, I was just taking a guess that someone didn’t pull the name Sirtfood diet plan out of the air. Someone had to have a decent scientific basis for creating this sirtfood diet plan I was hoping. And yes, they did. I’m… Read More »

best weight loss program

The guaranteed best weight loss program you’ve never heard of

This is the BEST weight loss program there is! Before we start, let me say this very best weight loss program is designed for people with “flab genes.” For some people, though, it won’t necessarily work any better than the anti-inflammatory diet plan alternating with the AID keto plan. That particular plan is outlined in detail… Read More »

how to lose weight during menopause

The secrets of how to lose weight during menopause

How to lose weight during menopause can be tricky! How to lose weight during menopause? Wow, if I could have a dollar each time someone asked me that, LOL! Not to worry, it’s doable! It’s about hormones, yes, but not just “female hormones”-there’s more. Very few doctors people know the “tricks, ” but you’re in… Read More »

how to get a great body

How to get a great body in less than an hour per week

How to get a great body in the least amount of time possible: How to get a great body quickly? The first thing I want to make clear to you is that I am first and foremost about health. I want you to look your best, of course. However, what you need to understand is… Read More »

side effects of menopause

The super-annoying side effects of menopause mom never told you

What do I mean by side effects of menopause? Side effects of menopause are the things that are not popularized like hot flushes (the correct name for hot flashes), loss of bone mass and increased risk of heart disease. You know about this stuff, right? Mom or magazines told you the hot flushes would go away.… Read More »

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