short term memory loss


New Research Shows Mild short term Memory Loss Is Not Normal Short term memory loss might not be as normal as we once thought. Blog update 2-22-17:please read to the end-very important new data. Although brain farts and occasional forgetfulness have been considered normal signs of the aging brain, we’re now thinking differently. Studies show… Read More »

best magnesium supplement


So what’s the best magnesium supplement? (And why should we care?): You should care about what is the best magnesium supplement because you are likely to need it. Any sleep issues? Any aches and pains? What about anxiety? What? No types of stress in your life? I’m jealous! Most estimates put Americans overwhelmingly in the… Read More »

how to improve memory


How to improve memory questions sneak up around age 50-when to be concerned? How to improve memory? There are many ways. First let’s discuss what is normal and what is not. When we talk about brain health we talk about a number of functions that people don’t really think about. We tend to lose concentration… Read More »

brain boosting supplements


Introduction to brain boosting supplements: To begin, what do you consider to be brain boosting supplements? Further, what do you think of when you think of a nootropic? First, let’s take a look at what I call, and you call brain boosting supplements. In my opinion, a real brain booster is a supplement which increases… Read More »

brain booster supplements


The best supplements for memory- foods and tasty treats too! As the population ages, we all seek to keep our bodies functioning and our brains sharp. There are now studies to show food and specific supplements for memory power do exist. So, you want to know about them, right? Coming right up! Note I’ve written… Read More »

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