2016 presidential candidates

2016 Presidential Candidates and their health-my best guesses

2016 Presidential candidates and their health-my educated guesses: So we’re down to two 2016 Presidential candidates…I mean really we are. The Stop Trump movement has no traction, there is absolutely no one who could be put up against HRC on the Republican end who wouldn’t totally alientate Trump supporters. Forget it,that train has passed. A… Read More »

great mental health

Mental health and the Presidential candidates

Let’s check in on our candidates’ mental health shall we? Mental health………. If we’re talking about the potential leader of the free world you bet it’s important. I’m writing this before June 7th so this might not even be relevant in regards to Bernie Sanders but he IS hanging in there longer than we would… Read More »

no dementia

Dementia – Does Donald Trump have it or not?

Donald Trump and the dementia question: Coupling Mr. Trump and dementia in the same title-why? This article is not meant to be political, influence anyone politically, or be insulting to who will likely be our Republican nominee. It is meant to be an instructional treatise on dementia with the emphasis on Alzheimer’s-the most common form… Read More »

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