best magnesium supplement


So what’s the best magnesium supplement? (And why should we care?): You should care about what is the best magnesium supplement because you are likely to need it. Any sleep issues? Any aches and pains? What about anxiety? What? No types of stress in your life? I’m jealous! Most estimates put Americans overwhelmingly in the… Read More »

how to handle stress


How to handle stress? Get ready for some fun! How to handle stress? Here is a quick example. Stress is not something we invented in 2016 for goodness sakes; it has been with us since the time the cavemen fought the dinosaurs. JOKE! You know that cavemen and dinosaurs did not inhabit the planet at… Read More »

ways to relieve stress


Last time we discussed ways to relieve stress… We talked about ways to relieve stress which were pretty conventional such as breathing exercises, meditation, Tai Chi and other similar methods. That information is in the natural stress relief supplements article. There are tons of behavioral techniques in the types of stress article too. This is the ultimate… Read More »


Stress and depression-the many links in the chain: Stress and depression. We know there’s a link but how much of a link is there? And how direct is that link? Well, I’ll bet that if you read this article in its entirety you’ll be just plain amazed at how many organ systems and bodily functions… Read More »

types of stress


The many types of stress and stress-relief: Everyone thinks their “stress is unique” and the types of stress I’m giving you relief for just won’t be helpful for you and yours. Here’s the thing, you are indeed unique and so is your situation. However, the physiological response to stress is fairly predictable and that is… Read More »

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