intermittent fasting results

Achieve the Best Intermittent Fasting Results

How To Practice Intermittent Fasting If you want to learn how to achieve the best intermittent fasting results, then you must consider the various types of fasting. The different intermittent fasting schedules include time restricted feeding (TRF), true intermittent fasting (IF), different caloric intakes for fasting and fasting mimicry (which is relatively new). To help… Read More »

how ketosis help weight loss

Exactly How Ketosis Helps Weight Loss

The Nutritional Ketosis Diet Plan Are you tired of going from one weight loss plan to another? Most of my patients and AWS clients who want to lose weight are not at their “first rodeo.” A weight loss plan that will work is a plan you can either stay on or segue to on and… Read More »

amazing superfoods to boost your health

13 Amazing Superfoods to Boost Your Health- Now!

Why Should you Care? You want to be healthy, vibrant and energetic, right? That includes reaching and maintaining optimal health and looking great too -correct also? I’ve compiled an easy-to-use list of truly amazing superfoods to boost your health, energy and sex-appeal. The moniker of a top superfood can be given to a food that… Read More »

paleo diet for weight loss

Everything You Need to Know about Using the Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

Thinking of Going Paleo to Lose Weight? If you have been looking at various weight loss diets and are a total carnivore, chances are that you are thinking that going paleo to lose weight would be a good idea. Actually, for some people- it is. But is eating this way the best choice for you?… Read More »

anti-aging diet plan

Why should you follow an Anti-Aging Diet Plan?

An anti-aging diet plan reduces inflammation Did you eat a meal recently and think, “This tastes too good to be healthy.” Perhaps, you just celebrated another birthday, and now you’re thinking, “Am I getting to the age where I should start following an anti-aging diet plan?” If you’re not thinking this, I suggest that you start… Read More »

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