how to turn on your skinny genes

How to turn on your skinny genes

Introduction to the genetics of weight: Do you want to know how to turn on your skinny genes? Do you want to know what your skinny genes likely are or are not, first? I thought so. Let’s talk about the genes that control your weight. Believe it or not, there is quite a lot of… Read More »

adrenal fatigue causes weight gain

How adrenal fatigue causes weight gain-Cindy’s happy ending story

Case Study: Cindy Real Results, real effort. But first, real discouragement. Adrenal fatigue causes weight gain for many people just like Cindy. See how she and you can beat all the gremlins and come out dancing.  A true story of an Annual AWS Consult services member: This is a “Case study” on a Member named… Read More »

why diet plans fail

4 Important reasons why diet plans fail

First, Understand What May be Sabotaging your Diet plans There are a plethora of reasons why diet plans fail. However, cravings fall into what I discuss below. And any GI tract “issue” is covered in another section. As  a weight loss doctor who has helped literally tens of thousands of people shed pounds and keep… Read More »

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