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symptoms of low progesterone

7 Symptoms of Low Progesterone You Don’t Know

Common Signs of Progesterone Deficiency If you’re “tuning in” to read this article, chances are that you are somewhat versed in the common signs of progesterone deficiency which, yes-I’ll definitely mention. However, you will likely be quite surprised when I discuss not only the unusual symptoms of low progesterone, but the root causes of exactly… Read More »

the most important b vitamin is found in many of these foods

The Most Important B Vitamin to take in it’s Correct Form

Am I Really going to discuss the one most important B Vitamin? Actually, let me first say that all of the B vitamins are important. What I’m going to discuss here is the most important B vitamin to ingest in it’s proper form for your genetic profile. I’m talking about folate versus a “methylated” form… Read More »

amazing superfoods to boost your health

13 Amazing Superfoods to Boost Your Health- Now!

Why Should you Care? You want to be healthy, vibrant and energetic, right? That includes reaching and maintaining optimal health and looking great too -correct also? I’ve compiled an easy-to-use list of truly amazing superfoods to boost your health, energy and sex-appeal. The moniker of a top superfood can be given to a food that… Read More »

what causes severe diarrhea

The Complete List of What Causes Severe Diarrhea

Acute, Sub-acute and Chronic Diarrhea Finding yourself in the bathroom too much? We sure don’t like to “talk poop” do we? But when there is something wrong, we sure know it. If you want to know the causes of diarrhea and indeed what causes severe diarrhea, first we need to clarify a couple of things.… Read More »

how to make sure your dog stays healthy

How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy for Life!

If your dog “is your child” I can relate How to make sure your dog stays healthy is a topic I discuss with every patient of mine who has a dog. And here, on this website, we have spent a lot of time talking about how to help you slow aging, stay healthy and have… Read More »

best vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum

Choosing the Best Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum

It’s a jungle out there Everyone and their brother is claiming that they have the best vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum. I normally don’t dedicate a blog to discussing what is tantamount to one of our products, but in this case, I am going to use our renewal serum to illustrate that you might… Read More »

when to seek help for memory loss

Ever Wonder When to Seek Help for Memory Loss?

Do you wonder when to Seek Help for Memory Loss? Memory loss comes might start to come with age, but it doesn’t have to. But-what is considered “normal”? When to seek help for memory loss? When we mention brain health, we talk about a number of functions that often people don’t consider. We tend to… Read More »

paleo diet for weight loss

Everything You Need to Know about Using the Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

Thinking of Going Paleo to Lose Weight? If you have been looking at various weight loss diets and are a total carnivore, chances are that you are thinking that going paleo to lose weight would be a good idea. Actually, for some people- it is. But is eating this way the best choice for you?… Read More »

dr kims personal skincare

Dr. Kims Personal Skincare Routine

What really is Dr. Kims Personal Skincare Routine? I have answered so many emails from women asking this, I thought I’d do a blog! Every womans’ skin is unique so “the dr kims skincare routine” won’t necessarily be right for you. However, you’ll get to follow my logic of why I use what and when… Read More »

best way to quit smoking

The Surprisingly Best Way to Quit Smoking

Why is Quitting so Hard? No one will ever tell you it’s easy to stop smoking because it is an addiction, with both physical and psychological components. The best way to quit smoking will need to take those two distinct things into consideration. Smokers often become physically, as well as emotionally dependent on nicotine. For… Read More »