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needs an online doctorDr. Kim is the former nationally syndicated NBC medical reporter. She has worked and continues to work with many celebrity patients and clients who want superior anti aging medical care. Oprah enjoyed her advice as a participant in Dr. Kim's Weight Loss Program at the Doral Telluride Resort and Spa.

take acetyl-l-carnitine for brain

“I feel 20 years younger and more confident. My energy level is incredible, mental acuity has improved. I feel like I am taking great care of myself. Dr. Kim stays current on medical and health issues that matter most to my health and keeps me educated.”

Shawn Tomasello

how to lose weight during menopause

The secrets of how to lose weight during menopause

How to lose weight during menopause can be tricky! How to lose weight during menopause? Wow, if I could have a dollar each time someone asked me that, LOL! Not to worry, it’s doable! It’s about hormones, yes, but not just “female hormones”-there’s more. Very few doctors people know the “tricks, ” but you’re in… Read More »

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exercise for arthritis

The secrets of no-trauma exercise for arthritis

 What can you do to make your arthritis feel a lot better? Yes, I’d like you to think about that question and say out loud what, besides drugs will make your arthritis feel better. And I know exercise for arthritis is just one thing. Sometimes an ice pack or a heating pad or a hot… Read More »

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short term memory loss

Short Term Memory Loss: a Sign of Alzheimer’s or not?

New Research Shows Mild short term Memory Loss Is Not Normal Short term memory loss might not be as normal as we once thought. Blog update 2-22-17:please read to the end-very important new data. Although brain farts and occasional forgetfulness have been considered normal signs of the aging brain, we’re now thinking differently. Studies show… Read More »

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