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health benefits of cold therapy

11 Health Benefits of Cold Therapy

What is cold therapy? Technically “cryotherapy” or “cold therapy” refers to any type of cold exposure which has health benefits. The health benefits of cold therapy vary from what you know already (it helps after an injury) to what you don’t know (it can lower your blood sugar). Many of the benefits of cold therapy… Read More »

types of high blood pressure are detected by her

Different Types of High Blood Pressure are Treated Differently

What is Hypertension? High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough such that it might eventually cause health problems, such as heart disease or strokes. In this article, you’ll see that the causes of hypertension are more varied than you might… Read More »


Dr. Kims Gym-in-a-bag workout

Included in your Gym-In-a-Bag ; an instructional flip-chart This article might come in handy if you already have a gym-in-a-bag or decide to purchase one while you’re “here.” I think most of you know my history in the fitness industry. I created a quick in-and-out of the gym workout for you and others. But what… Read More »

dry itchy eyes

Why you have Dry Itchy Eyes (and what to do about it)

If you have dry itchy eyes, you probably have allergic conjunctivitis Dry itchy eyes are a fairly common symptom; affecting as many as 1/6th of the population. If you have “just plain” dry eyes, that indicates a meibomian gland dysfunction;meaning you don’t produce enough eye lubrication. That is treated with thick eye drops at night… Read More »

mitigates causes of mood swings

6 Common Causes of Mood Swings

Let’s Talk about Mood Swings The causes of mood swings in women are always seemingly attributed to our “hormones.” Is that true? Sometimes. However, often, it’s more complex than just “hormones being out of whack.” What about irritability? Indeed, there are 6 causes of both mood swings and irritability that I’ll reveal in this article.… Read More »

symptoms of low progesterone

7 Symptoms of Low Progesterone You Don’t Know

Common Signs of Progesterone Deficiency If you’re “tuning in” to read this article, chances are that you are somewhat versed in the common signs of progesterone deficiency which, yes-I’ll definitely mention. However, you will likely be quite surprised when I discuss not only the unusual symptoms of low progesterone, but the root causes of exactly… Read More »

the most important b vitamin is found in many of these foods

The Most Important B Vitamin to take in it’s Correct Form

What is the one most important B Vitamin? All of the B vitamins are essential. However, I’m going to discuss the most important B vitamin to ingest in its proper form for your genetic profile. I’m talking about folate versus a “methylated” form of folate called 5-MTHF. Depending on your ethnic group, you may be at… Read More »

amazing superfoods to boost your health

13 Amazing Superfoods to Boost Your Health- Now!

Why Should you Care? You want to be healthy, vibrant and energetic, right? That includes reaching and maintaining optimal health and looking great too -correct also? I’ve compiled an easy-to-use list of truly amazing superfoods to boost your health, energy and sex-appeal. The moniker of a top superfood can be given to a food that… Read More »

what causes severe diarrhea

The Complete List of What Causes Severe Diarrhea

  Acute, Sub-acute and Chronic Diarrhea Are you spending too much time on the toilet? We sure don’t like to “talk poop,” do we? However, when there is something wrong, we sure know it. If you want to know the causes of diarrhea and what causes severe diarrhea, then we first need to clarify a… Read More »

how to make sure your dog stays healthy

How to Make Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy for Life!

If your dog “is your child” I can relate How to make sure your dog stays healthy is a topic I discuss with every patient of mine who has a dog. And here, on this website, we have spent a lot of time talking about how to help you slow aging, stay healthy and have… Read More »