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needs an online doctorDr. Kim is the former nationally syndicated NBC medical reporter. She has worked and continues to work with many celebrity patients and clients who want superior anti aging medical care. Oprah enjoyed her advice as a participant in Dr. Kim's Weight Loss Program at the Doral Telluride Resort and Spa.

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“I feel 20 years younger and more confident. My energy level is incredible, mental acuity has improved. I feel like I am taking great care of myself. Dr. Kim stays current on medical and health issues that matter most to my health and keeps me educated.”

Shawn Tomasello

what is adrenal fatigue

What is adrenal fatigue? You might have it and not know it!

What is adrenal fatigue? When someone is left untreated from symptoms of fatigue, symptoms can increase and produce adrenal fatigue. But what is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is a result of adrenal glands which function first way above and then eventually way below their necessary level. Adrenal fatigue is most commonly associated with intense or […]

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types of stress

Types of stress and all sorts of ways to relieve them!

The many types of stress and stress-relief: I know you must be thinking “but my stress is unique” and that the types of stress I’m going to give you answers for just don’t include you. Here’s the thing- you are indeed unique and so is whatever your situation. But the physiological response to stress is […]

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anti aging skin care regimen

The only anti aging skin care regimen you’ll ever need

The Basic Anti aging Skin care Regimen Your anti aging skin care regimen can be the same one the “stars” use. Celebrities take scrupulous care of their skin because they have agents telling them what they need to do and then oftentimes, skincare becomes their hobby and then their business! A great appearance isn’t just […]

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