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needs an online doctorDr. Kim is the former nationally syndicated NBC medical reporter. She has worked and continues to work with many celebrity patients and clients who want superior anti aging medical care. Oprah enjoyed her advice as a participant in Dr. Kim's Weight Loss Program at the Doral Telluride Resort and Spa.

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“I feel 20 years younger and more confident. My energy level is incredible, mental acuity has improved. I feel like I am taking great care of myself. Dr. Kim stays current on medical and health issues that matter most to my health and keeps me educated.”

Shawn Tomasello

Turmeric weight loss supplements- money well spent or not?

Turmeric weight loss supplements: Myth vs. Fact Turmeric weight loss supplement makers often claim more than they should about the efficacy and mechanism of action of their supplements. In this article, I’ll give you all the facts and clear up any confusion you may have about turmeric weight loss or weight control supplementation. First of […]

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This inexpensive supplement is a better brain booster than ritalin

Alpha GPC brain booster extraordinaire! Think you might need a brain booster? What do I mean by that? I mean, are you wanting to think more clearly and sharply and retain more information? If you think you are getting a “little less sharp” as you age or are a student wanting to boost your concentration, […]

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