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Body Brush

Cert Clean

(9 customer reviews)


100% natural brushes hand crafted with wood handle and cactus bristles.


Instructions For Use:
Dr. Berkowsky’s Vital Chi Skin-Brushing system is an innovative, cogent & powerful therapeutic method designed to tonify blood and lymph flow and the bioenergy or Chi meridians while simultaneously improving the skin’s health and beauty.


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9 reviews for Body Brush

  1. Suzi Q

    Feels wonderful on the skin, I threw away my loofa right away! My skin feels fresh and like it could really breathe! Love this brush!

  2. Amy Brown

    I’ve been using this for about a week and have already noticed vast improvement in my skin. The winters where I live are really bitter and brutal, and the cold, dry air dries my skin out to the point where my it looks more like dragon scales than human skin. This has helped SO much and made my skin so much softer. I definitely would and will recommend this to friends!

  3. GeriMc

    This body brush is wonderful! The handle is the perfect length for me and the bristles are soft. This is by far the best body brush I’ve purchased

  4. Timmy B.

    Great brush for exfoliating dry winter skin.
    The brush is soft and doesn’t scratch the skin.
    Quality wooden handle.

  5. Penelope Nastruff

    I wanted a relatively small and easy to hold body brush. This fits the bill perfectly. The angle of the handle makes maintaining long strokes on arms and legs very easy. Highly recommend this brush. The bristles leave your skin smooth and they get rid of dead skin.Love this brush

  6. Karen Heights

    Works well. Bristles are firm enough to where you feel like you’re getting clean while lathering. Nice brush for the price

  7. Heidi

    After the very first use, I noticed a difference in my skin. My skin feels so much softer and has a healthy glow now. I recommend this to everyone.

  8. Lily Foster

    Firm but not too firm, a great back brush or foot scrubber, good for anywhere you can stand it, haha, the bristles are not Soft; but not too stiff, either. My hair is short, so I use it to scrub my hair/scalp, just about all body parts and my skin feels much softer!!!

  9. Laura S

    absolutely love dry brushing with this brush!! I

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